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2021 WWE Fastlane predictions, matches, map, date, start time, preview of PPV, location

We have the last stop on the way to WrestleMania – an extravaganza that takes place over the course of two nights in April – with WWE Fastlane taking center stage on Sunday night. As much as we all want to look forward to the biggest show of the year, however, we must first focus on the loaded action that will descend on WWE Fastlane in the modern ThunderDome on Sunday night.

In the likely main match of the night, Roman Reigns will be out to continue his dominant run as universal champion when he takes on Daniel Bryan. Edge has already stated his intention to challenge the title at WrestleMania, a choice he could make after winning the Royal Rumble. Edge could also be involved in the game as a special maintainer if he defeats Jey Uso on Friday’s delivery of SmackDown. If Uso wins, he will claim the role and tilt the scales even more in favor of Reigns.

Fastlane leaves the ThunderDome in St. Louis on Sunday, March 21st. Petersburg, Tropicana Field, in Florida af. The event starts at 19:00 ET after an hour-long kick-off show that starts at 18:00

Let’s see how our experts believe Fastlane will play.

2021 WWE Fastlane forecasts

United States Championship: Riddle (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

Riddle now simply does not lose the title, and especially not against Ali. Ali’s main story is his issues with members of the FACTION SETUP that let him down, with Riddle merely a representation of the failures. This match feels tackled for the show after Ali already lost a title shot at Raw, without it really being a rematch. Select: Riddle retains title – Adam Silverstein & Brent Brookhouse

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

With Rollins clearly planning to fight Cesaro at WrestleMania – despite the fact that the match has not yet been announced, it would make little sense to lose here against Nakamura. There may be a scenario where Cesaro interferes and forces a disqualification, but if it’s clean, Rollins is the person to build up his profile after missing months of action while on paternity leave. Choose: Seth Rollins winsSilverstein & Brookhouse

Alexa Bliss Teen Randy Orton

WWE is not going to have a ‘real game’ near Bliss and Orton. It’s probably nothing more than an extensive set-up for The Fiend to make a dramatic comeback through an Orton vs. Fiend match for WrestleMania to set up. With that in mind, you do not have to pick a winner here, as the match is unlikely to have a real finish. – Brookhouse & Silverstein

Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon

My hope is that this game took place on Fastlane instead of WrestleMania because WWE realized that fans were not interested in watching it after a horrible segment two weeks ago. However, it seems more likely that it will be a prelude to a ‘Mania match’, which will set it further down the storyline. Therefore, although he does not know exactly how this is going to happen, the expectation must either be a disqualification or McMahon find a way to outsmart Strowman and achieve the victory. Choice: Shane McMahon winsSilverstein & Brookhouse

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews

This is the only game on the map where the result is really in the air. Theoretically, Crews has lost too many times from Big E to take another L here, especially considering his mixed character and a big push that looks to his side. However, Big E has been champion for less than three months, and there is no good reason to take the title away from him before the biggest event of the year without a planned main event ahead. Switching the title just three weeks later at WrestleMania to Crews and back to Big E feels like an unnecessary effort, so let’s stick to the chalk here. Select: Big E retains title – Silverstein

It feels a little premature to take off the belt of Big E, but the transformation of Crews feels like it requires a victory. He repeatedly lost before taking a full step to be a heel, so if a complete overhaul did not result in him winning, how effective was the move? With two nights to fill for WrestleMania, it would be easy enough to put the belt on Crews before returning to Big E in April, which determined that Crews’ character change was significant. Choose: Apollo Crews wins the title – Brookhouse

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

WWE gets his women’s championship too much involved in the title photo picture, and here we are again not only with two WrestleMania fighters working together unnecessarily, but also doing so for the second consecutive month. There is absolutely no reason to change the titles here, and using a losing team as a feudal start for Banks and Belair is just as unnecessary as the match taking place in the first place. There are many other teams that will go to the titles at WrestleMania, and there is no reason to discuss the champion. Choice: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler retain the titles – Brookhouse & Silverstein

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus (No Holds Barred)

McIntyre losing here simply makes no sense. Sheamus is one of the best runs in his career in terms of performances in the ring and should be in the WWE title photo, but McIntyre has already been established as Bobby Lashley’s challenger at WrestleMania. That means he does not have to take a loss here. The match could end in another match, which will force a match between Sheamus and McIntyre on the first night of WrestleMania. If anyone’s raising his hand on Fastlane, it’s McIntyre. Choice: Drew McIntyre won – Brookhouse & Silverstein

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Even if WWE decides to add Bryan to the WrestleMania match between Reigns and Edge, it will be shocking if they decide to pick up the title as a dominant heel champion competing after the biggest event of the year. If Edge or Bryan takes the title from Reigns, it will be done in front of a live crowd to create a “WrestleMania Moment”. The action should be hot and Bryan will probably just be on the verge of winning the belt, but between Reigns’ camp and a special enforcement (Edge of Uso) there are plenty of ways to eventually lose Bryan. Select: Roman Reigns retains title – Brookhouse & Silverstein

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