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Ajinkya Rahane Not the same player he was in 2015-’16

Former In the Wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta talks about Ajinkya Rahane’s decline in numbers over the past few years compared to when he was at his best.

At the beginning of his international career, Rahane used to have annual averages in the 40s and 50s, when he earned the name of ‘India’s overseas specialist’ by scoring runs all over the world. Now, however, its average has taken a significant nose – 38.86 last year, and 21.92 this year so far. While still taking a big turn occasionally, he was pretty contradictory.

Ajinkya Rahane (Image Credit: Twitter)

Deep Dasgupta reckons this is due to his lower batting position – number 5 in the Indian Test team compared to number 3 in the Mumbai team. He also says that Rahane, while batting higher on the batting surface, was in more difficult batting conditions than he did, while batting lower down at 5. That’s why he’s struggled recently.

“I do not think Rahane is the same player as him. In 2015-’16, Rahane was incredible. He was a player I saw playing for Mumbai.

‘The Wankhede field was damp the first morning, the field had grass and it was a nightmare that batted in those days. But Rahane scored more than 4000-4500 runs before playing for India and hit mainly at the number 3 position, ‘Deep Dasgupta said in his YouTube video.

He is very tentative in his first 20 balls: Deep Dasgupta

Rahane beat one fifty in the home series against England, which was interrupted by a few low scores. Deep Dasgupta further believes that the right hand is very vulnerable at the start of his innings, but grows in confidence as he stays in the middle longer.

Ajinkya Rahane
Ajinkya Rahane (Image Credit: Twitter)

“When you bat in India, your skill changes. You play swing and pass outside, but here you have to play reverse swing. If you go and look at Rahane’s footwork in 2015-’16, you will realize that his footwork is not so definite. “He is very provisional in his first 20 balls and when he plays a big innings, he is much more confident,” said the cricketer.

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