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‘Boy must be protected’ – the Tottenham star’s Olympic Games in 2020, explained in the absence of the South Korean group

The Spurs forward has been left out of his country’s squad for this summer’s Games in Tokyo as his long-term fitness is at stake

South Korean coach Kim Hak-bum has revealed why Heung-min Son was left out of his squad for this summer’s Olympics in Tokyo, despite Tottenham agreeing to his choice.

The 28-year-old got the green light from his club team to play in Japan, despite his involvement in the competition to delay his return to Premier League action in 2021-22.

However, he was left out of the 22-man party, taking into account long-term fitness issues.

What was said?

Korean Olympic team manager Kim told reporters: ‘I thanked Son Heung-min and apologized for showing how much he wanted to join the team and play in the Olympics.

He also spoke to Spurs and eventually allowed them to play. We really appreciate it.

‘I look at it from different angles. The easiest way is to just pick him in the group, but he is a player we have to protect. In the long run, our training process and the match schedule of the Olympic Games can continue. the players too hard.

“Sun has good muscles, but when he played for Spurs last season, he showed signs of injury. Hamstrings are very important for players who want to jump like him. I think he can get tired and it is very risky in terms of an injury. “

Heung-min Son South Korea 2021

Kim added: “I have finally made a difficult decision for which I will have to take responsibility. When Son is injured, people say he has been used too much. Even if he is injured, it is difficult for me to take responsibility for it. .

“He’s played 51 games last season. I think he needs to be protected.

‘If he is injured, it will be a big loss for the World Cup qualifiers as well as Spurs’ pre-season. I thought about it all night. ‘

Has Son already played at the Olympics?

The Tottenham forward was clinched at the highest level by South Korea at 91 level and scored 27 goals.

He was captain of the U23 team to the gold medal glory at the 2018 Asian Games, and earned him exemption from compulsory military service – although it was finally taken in 2020.

Two years before the success, Son was an older member of South Korea’s group during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where they bowled out in the quarterfinals.

With no international football this summer, a man looking for catches the eye of new Spurs boss Nuno will be competitive again when defending champions Manchester City face off in the opening round of the Premier League match on 15 August.

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