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Can Bryson DeChambeau, The Open and Royal St. George’s after a wild summer this week?

SANDWICH, England – The Bryson DeChambeau experience was far from boring this year. He has had quite the last few months.

From a spit with Brooks Koepka that will not die, to shoot a back-nine 44 at the US Open after leading through 63 holes, after a caddy change en a miss cut as the defending champion at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, and then declining Phil Mickelson with some high drive in an exhibition … well, if it’s not one thing, it’s many.

And we’re supposed to find out how he’s at Royal St. this week. George’s sails The Open?

DeChambeau brings many questions to South East England with him in his first attempt to play the oldest tournament of the match while playing as spotty Bryson.

Remember, it was less than two years ago that DeChambeau started his fitness workout, weight gain, eat-what-you-want regime, which made him go from average size to the tallest rider on the PGA Tour.

Before DeChambeau started the program, he missed the track at The 2019 Open that was played at Royal Portrush. Nobody thought about it much, even though he was sixth on the world rankings at the time – the same as now – and had already won five times at the PGA Tour; his total number of victories is now eight.

The result was that he missed the second time in three Open matches, and the only thing DeChambeau noticed during those three matches is a viral video of his crash on the track in 2018 in Carnoustie, where he drew 51st has. DeChambeau also played skinner golf as an amateur in the Walker Cup in 2015 at Royal Lytham & St. Anne’s.

The Open was not played last year due to COVID-19.

So, aside from the three appearances, DeChambeau’s linking experience is pretty light. However, he came out as a top player, one to watch every major championship, especially since his 6-stroke victory in 2020 at the US Open played on Winged Foot.

But there was more drama than triumph in late times. It looks like it’s followed DeChambeau all the way to England, where he’s a new caddy at Royal St this week. George’s is going to hire.

This is definitely not ideal in any relationship between players and players. This is especially true for DeChambeau, who needs a unique attention. He has a myriad of devices to determine the different aspects of his swing. He can be seen on practice courses hitting golf balls in the dark.



After shooting a 73 at the US Open, Bryson DeChambeau is working on his swing in the dark.

Now he arrives at Royal St. George’s, a golf course he’s never seen before and one loaded with nuances. This is not an ideal combination for him.

Tim Tucker, DeChambeau’s former caddy, stopped or mutually agreed to break up with Bryson on the eve of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. It was an unusual timing, it was after the pro-am and also before the first round. On top of that, it was less than two weeks before a major championship.

DeChambeau has yet to address the matter. He spoke to reporters after none of his rounds in Detroit, where he missed the 36-hole defending champion.

At the U.S. Open, DeChambeau looked like it was okay to defend his title at Torrey Pines, but only to implode over the last nine holes.

After playing the first ten holes in 2 under par to get to 5 under for the tournament, DeChambeau suddenly saw that his strategy of making bomb attacks no longer work. He made bullies on the eleventh and twelfth hole – really no big deal – then fell apart with a double bow 7 on the par-5 13th.

He laid it down on happiness. Specifically, accident.

“OK, I mean, I slipped at 13,” he said. “Everyone apparently slipped at 13 and I did not know it. I slipped two days in a row and then came across a bad lie, what do you expect, this is the US Open, but it’s a part of life. I could have hit it another 5 feet to the right across the aisle and gone to the green.

“So it’s just one of those things that has a little bit of luck there. And then a striker, it was nice.

“Then just lying in a bad lie in the right rough, had a bad line. And then I just feel like a little bit of luck from my driver. Sometimes I pull it, sometimes I push it and at 17 I pull it in. a bad lie or in danger, and then hit a big wedge shot and it turns from the front edge into a very bad lie and just hit it off the hosel and go over the green.That’s what it is. “You just can’t necessarily fully control it. You hit a great shot, nothing happened to you. It’s good luck.”

DeChambeau, 27, who won the Arnold Palmer invitation in March, was largely able to rationalize these mistakes.

Whether it’s luck or bad play, he also admitted that various parts of his game sometimes left him, including the row at nine behind Torrey Pines. Other times he failed to pit well enough or slice well to take advantage of the amazing drives.

And while the Koepka situation has lingered since the PGA Championship – the website of a viral video of Koepka showing his contempt for DeChambeau during a recording interview that was not broadcast – DeChambeau was largely able to shake off any problems, although there little thing at the memorial when there were a few fans boot to taunt him.

Now what?

DeChambeau did not have a top-20 final in any of the 2020 biggest championships as he slipped to 26th over the closing holes at Torrey Pines. He was not a factor at the PGA Championship or at the Masters.

The fact that it is surprising is an example of how far DeChambeau has progressed and how expectations have increased with his bulk.

Prior to the launch of Rocket Mortgage, DeChambeau discussed how his victory a year earlier was a confirmation that his plan was working.

“It was very important,” he said. “It was a milestone to show everyone that this is another way I can do it and still win, so I was pretty proud of it. Use it pretty well throughout the year. I won again – I won won the US Open, Arnold Palmer won and came close again a few times, but just again, not everything that was in my A-game allowed me not to win [at Torrey Pines].

“It gave me the courage to win the US Open in the knowledge that I could play a game that is not normal, or a little unique and different. You look at the US Open, it was an excellent one. “Everyone thought I was crazy by saying I’m just going to bomb it and throw it, but it worked out this week. Didn’t work out at Torrey, but it’s OK. Life goes on.”

Life has moved across the Atlantic this week to a form of golf that can be just as peculiar as Bryson.

He and Royal St. George’s get along?

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