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England Golf gives advice to golfers and golf clubs before weakening Covid restrictions – Golf News

Cups will be able to return to their pre-set lineup

England Golf has issued an update on the support and guidance for ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’ for golfers and golf clubs ahead of the planned relaxation of the UK Government’s Covid-19 restrictions on Monday 19 July.

As far as the new rules apply to golf, clubs can now return their course to pre-arranged setups, with benches, trash cans, ball washers, bunker rakes and standard hole cups back in play, while players can remove the flagpole and pick up each other’s golf ball if necessary .

Clubs are advised to continue to offer hand sanitizers on the golf course to ensure that golfers can clean their hands regularly.

Professional shops, locker rooms, bars, lounges, restaurants and other indoor areas can return to pre-pandemic.

Bunkerhark will be back in use from 19 July

Many clubs will continue to offer online bookings only or hold a player registration system, but golfers can now walk into the pro shop and personally pay a start time.

Training areas, including driveways, training nets and indoor facilities, can function without any restrictions on the number of users.

Competition and points for disability functions, including the registration process, handling and submission of scorecards, and administration can also return to pre-pandemic operations.

Coronavirus-related changes to the rules of golf and all provisions for disabilities that allow the game to be played competitively during the period in which restrictions are imposed must also be removed.

For the latest advice, visit www.englandgolf.org.

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