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Even after playing 100 Tests, Ishant Sharma looked like a rookie in the WTC final: Balwinder Singh Sandhu

Former Indian cricketer Balwinder Singh Sandhu blew the Indian passers-by for their mediocre performance in the ICC World Cup final against New Zealand in Southampton. Although the Indian fast bowlers did not lead too much in the first innings, they walked wickets in the second innings. Balwinder Singh Sandhu remarked that Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah look like rookie players.

Ishant Sharma took three wickets in the first innings, while Jasprit Bumrah was wicketless in both innings. Mohammed Shami did the hard work in the first innings by taking four scalps and tormenting the Kiwi batsmen more frequently. In the fourth innings, the Indian Passers produced numerous flyhalves, while Bumrah was unlucky not to catch Ross Taylor’s wicket as Cheteshwar Pujara missed a simple catch on second slip.

Indian cricket team (Image credit: Twitter)

On the other hand, New Zealand bowlers were extremely successful in their task as their square pace attack yielded rich dividends. Kyle Jamieson, the man of the match, caught seven wickets collectively in both innings and put off some of the top Indian batsmen to keep the opposition on the back foot. Furthermore, people like Tim Southee, Neil Wagner and Trent Boult did their part extremely well.

You have to let them play from the front foot: Balwinder Singh Sandhu

Even after playing 100 Tests, Ishant Sharma looked like a rookie in the WTC final: Balwinder Singh Sandhu
Balwinder Singh Sindhu. (Credits: Web) lw

Ballwinder Singh Sandhu noted that India bowled at different lengths on Sunday and Monday and claimed bowlers should encourage the batsmen to play from the front foot in England. The 64-year-old believes that throwing the ball is the only way bowlers can get wickets. Sandhu criticized Ishant Sharma for bowling like a rookie, even after playing more than 100 Tests, while Mohammed Shami played his role as leader of the attack. He also feels that Jasprit Bumrah is disappointing because the ball is not merciful.

“The Indians bowled before long on Sunday, but on Tuesday they hit the ball. You have to let them play from the forefoot. The bowlers may have rusted, but you take wickets by throwing them up and letting the batsmen ride from the forefoot. Even after playing 100 Tests, Ishant seemed like a rookie to me. He would have to lead the attack, but Shami does the role. “Bumrah was also disappointing because the ball was not gracious.” Balwinder Singh Sandhu said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

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