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Finding for Rohr: Nigeria’s NPFL players not good enough for Super Eagles – Olatunji-Okuku

The loss of the Super Eagles against El Tri justified the reluctance of the German tactician to invite local professionals for international involvement.

According to Samuel Olatunji-Okuku, the 4-0 defeat of Nigeria against Mexico was justified by Gernot Rohr that the players of the Nigerian Professional Soccer League are not good enough for the Super Eagles.

The West Africans were mainly used by local stars, and were singled out by the West Africans. The Tri in Sunday’s international friendly performance in Los Angeles.

While some praised Rohr’s men for waging a daring battle against Gerardo Martino’s men, the respected football administrator claims that the result further exposed the deteriorating state of the country’s league.

He therefore claims that the German tactician was not out of his place by relying on foreign professionals for their international connections.

“Honestly, I have nothing better than what I expect from these guys, judging by the standard of our league in recent years and even our performance in Caf tournaments,” Olatunji-Okuku said. Purpose.

‘This is a justification for Rohr, who has always said that the standard of the players in the Nigerian league is not good for the Super Eagles. This is what was exposed to the Mexicans.

‘As a club owner, I can definitely say that Nigeria’s problem is not about the lack of talent, but the way we develop these talents.

“Our boys were exposed in that game. They do not know when to apply a zone marker or a man to a human marker, especially not in the box. This is due to a lack of quality training at that level. ”

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Most of Mexico’s goals were a matter of clumsy defense and the well-traveled administrator questioned the kind of exercises NPFL defenders had learned from their respective teams.

“Against Mexico, you can see a player chasing the ball to two different passers-by if he had to stay in his position,” he continued.

‘Also on several occasions the defenders did not act, and their response was too late. And at this level, no one needs to remind you that reactive defender will definitely be late.

‘I do not know the criteria they used to select these boys, I do not know if they are the best in the league.

‘I hope we’re telling the truth now and we’re going back to the development stage – grassroots level – to teach these boys properly. If we do not succeed, we will face another serious defeat in the future.

“This is not the time to tell ourselves nice things to make us feel better. Let’s go back to improving the quality of our coaching – a standard must be set. ”

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