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Golfers predict Euro 2020 results with putters – Golf News

The knockout round starts today, but a group of golf-mad football fans claim that they already know the Euro 2020 quarter-finals – after predicting the scores with ‘punishment’.

And that’s bad news for Welsh football fans.

Craig Fox and friends from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, played a series of penalty kicks with their putters on an adjustable Zen Green Stage to recreate the eight upcoming matches in the knockout rounds of the Euro 2020 series.

Everything was filmed, and the results are announced on TikTok match-by-match with the hashtag #PuttingPenalties by @ zen.golf. On Instagram, the matches can be seen on @zengolfmechanic hosted by golf coach Marcus Bell.

Denmark against Wales, which takes place later today in Amsterdam, can now be seen on TikTok. Pampering alarm: according to Fox and his friends, the Danes will win 1-0.

“With Paul the octopus no longer with us, we dreamed of the #PutPenalties game to rather predict results,” he said. “Sorry Welsh football fans – it could be a tough watch later today!”

The #PuttingPenalties result of today’s second match, Italy vs. Austria, will be announced later this morning.

In #PuttingPenalties, golfers go head-to-head with five stroke shots, two steps down the hole. The first stop is straight, followed by left-to-right break, right-to-left break, straight uphill and straight downhill.

If the score is tied after five, golfers suddenly play dead at one pace further back.

“Because the Zen Green Stage can change slopes within seconds, each game lasts only a few minutes and the pressure is actually tight,” Fox said.

“We hope golfers around the world will now enjoy #Penalties for themselves!”

See www.zengreenstage.com to discover more about the Zen Green Stage.

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