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ICC moves two World Cup qualifiers from Scotland to Spain

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday moved the T20 World Cup European Qualifying Women and the U-19 European Men’s World Cup qualifiers from Scotland to Spain due to COVID-19 restrictions in Scotland.

The first event to be moved from Scotland to Spain is the Europe qualifying match for the 2020 Women’s World Championships for Women in 2023 in South Africa. In the qualifying match, which is two steps away from the World Cup, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Turkey will all take part in La Manga. France and Turkey take part in an ICC women’s event for the first time.

The U22 Men’s World Cup qualifier in 2022 is also being moved from Scotland to Spain and is now taking place between 19 and 25 September in La Manga. Ireland, Jersey, the Netherlands and Scotland will compete for one World Cup place.

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‘The decision to move the events to Spain was taken after a period of consultation with the participating countries and governments concerned, where it was determined that it was the best possible chance that the events would take place as a result of COVID-19- restrictions in Scotland, “the ICC said in a statement.

In Africa, the U-19 Men’s World Cup, Division 2, which involves Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. With no opportunity to reschedule the event, Tanzania and Rwanda have now been promoted to the Africa Qualifier based on their records in the previous five editions of the qualifiers.

They will compete with Namibia, Nigeria and Uganda for one of the remaining five main events.

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