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‘If it goes wrong, you’re dead’ – Southgate’s choice confirms England beat Germany at Euro 2020

The manager decided on Tuesday to adjust his team’s tactics, but it paid off with a big win thanks to Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling goals

Gareth Southgate’s tactical adjustments were confirmed on Tuesday by England’s triumph over Germany, but the manager admitted he knew he would have been ‘dead’ if he had done it wrong.

England beat Germany 2-0 on Tuesday with Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane each succeeding in the second half to clinch a place in the quarter-finals.

Before the kick-off and during a tense first half, Southgate came under fire for choosing to use a 3-4-3 system, which eventually led England to a victory over their rivals.

What was said?

“You know you’re changing the form, you’re choosing certain staff to replace others and if it’s going wrong you’re dead, ‘ BBC One. “We had to do it as we believe. We wanted aggressive pressure all over the field and we felt it was the right way to fit it.

‘We felt that the speed behind Harry would cause them problems. I thought Bukayo [Saka] and Raheem immediately created that jepoardy behind their backline. We also defended brilliantly and our goalkeeper was great. It was a great show. ”

What has changed Southgate?

Southgate have previously stuck with a four-on-the-back system to lead England through their three group matches.

He put the Three Lions up 4-3-3 in each of their first two games, a win over Croatia and a draw against Scotland, before beating Jack Grealish in a 4-2-3-1 for the third match against the Czech Republic.

” A brilliant afternoon ‘

Southgate paid tribute to his team for making the country proud and moving past the demons that Germany has created through the history of the two teams, but he says victories like Tuesday will not matter if England slip against the line. team to build on this momentum.

“I just thought it was a brilliant afternoon,” Southgate said. ‘We talked about enjoyment for the country and such an afternoon is what it’s about.

“The players were absolutely fantastic throughout the team. The fans were just 40,000 too, but it was a good atmosphere than I can remember in Wembley.

“We played exceptionally well, I think we deserved the win, but I had to tell them right away, ‘Look, I’m the party pooper, because if we don’ t hit a coin from Saturday, it’s counting. not for anything ‘. “

He added: “When I got into the locker room, they were already talking about Saturday. It was a great performance, but emotionally and physically at a cost. We have to make sure we recover well. It’s a dangerous moment for we.

“We will have the warm feeling in the country that we will just have to show up to win it, but it will be a huge challenge. I think the players know that. They have been in the final stages before and know how difficult they are. feet are on the ground, but they need to feel confident about the way they played and the way they acted.

“We came here with an intention and we have not achieved it yet. We have not won a semi-final since 1966. These boys continue to write history and I think we have another chance. We was only in one European semi-final and we have the chance to do something special. ‘

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