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“It’s coming home!” Jurgen Klopp looks level at Wembley after England beat Germany

A striking double of the Liverpool driver was seen around the stadium when the Three Lions gained the upper hand, but who is the mystery man?

England fans saw an extraordinary face during their Euro 2020 victory over Germany when Jurgen Klopp was seen on the shoulders of fans drinking four and beer.

But what was initially a real staggering anomaly has revealed itself as something just as strange; a cheater and similar person who happens to be the spitting image of the Liverpool boss.

After going viral on social media for a video clip in which he was caught while sipping a can of beer and singing Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds’ terrace song. Three lions, Purpose just look who the mystery man might be.

Who is the Jurgen Klopp look equal to Euro 2020?

Not Jurgen Klopp, that’s for sure. The identity of the doppelganger remains in the air the morning after the triumph of the Three Lions, with several still determined that it is the Reds boss himself.

Given the presence of full club regalia and his activities with England supporters, it is unlikely that the German, if he had attended, would have been so dressed.

About who is behind the iconic baseball cap and beard, however, the case remains mysteriously shrouded – although speculation points to a man claiming to look the world’s best as the driver.

Has anyone been misled by the Jurgen Klopp appearance?

Save those on Wembley Way, the internet seems to have been enclosed by the presence of faux-Klopp, including British television during the day.

The ITV breakfast program Lorraine a section with journalist Jonathan Swain who reported on the presence of the double, only to indicate that the man in question was the real case.

Whether it was an extensive joke or a real misunderstanding is hard to decipher, but if it is, it is far from the only one taken up by the presence of the deceiver.

What is being said?