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Kapil Dev shares his opinion on Rahul Dravid vs Ravi Shastri debate

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid is currently in Sri Lanka with the second string Indian team as coach for the upcoming white ball series against the host country. The appointment of Dravid has given rise to debates over whether to replace the Karnataka stalwart Ravi Shastri as the full-time head coach of Team India.

Dravid has already proven his steel as a coach because he helped grow the young Indian talent at the u.19 and India A level. Several experts and fans appreciated the 48-year-old for taking care of players such as Prithvi Shaw, Shubman Gill and wants him to coach the senior Indian team as well.

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev also shared his thoughts on the red-hot topic, saying that it is not necessary to talk about this and that people should wait until the Sri Lankan series is over before making assumptions.

Kapil reckons that there is nothing wrong in preparing for the next Indian coach, but mentions that Shastri has done a good job so far, and that there is no reason to fire him.

“I do not think there is any need to talk about it. Let this Sri Lanka series be finished. We get to know what kind of achievements our team dished out. If you’re trying to form a new coach, there’s nothing wrong with that. If Ravi Shastri continues to do a good job, there is also no reason to remove him. Only time will tell. Before that, I think it will put unnecessary pressure on our coaches and players. “ Kapil tells ABP News.

The 1983 World Cup praised the strength of the Indian team. He mentioned whether India could have two separate teams that could do well England and Sri Lanka, then it’s the best thing for Indian cricket. However, Kapil also stated that the decision to set up two separate teams should only be taken by the team management.

India has great banking strength. If players get the opportunity and India can put together two teams that can claim to win in both England and Sri Lanka, there is nothing better. If the young people get the opportunity, there is nothing wrong with it. But if it’s up to the team management to decide if they should apply such pressure to two teams at the same time, “ Kapil added.

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