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MS Dhoni’s fan dedicates himself at work to meet him as his steward during Dhoni’s holiday

He may have asked for time for his international career, but MS Dhoni’s popularity has not diminished a bit as its millions of fans continue to pour out their love for the former captain of the World Cup.

In a recent development, the Meenabagh Resort staff in Ratnari got their wishes to meet MS Dhoni.

It was a moment to feast for all the staff, and especially Dev, who transferred himself from Shimla to the Ratnari branch of Meenabagh Resort houses so that he could play a driver of his idol.

Dev finally got a signature from MS Dhoni on his phone cover, 13 years after his wish was in vain when the then Indian skipper Rohru (Himachal Pradesh) was up for a tournament.

Dev was then unable to meet Dhoni due to his heavy police safety.

MS Dhoni (Image Credit: Twitter)

Now that he has finally received an autograph from MSD, he says that his phone cover will remain unchanged forever.

The Meenabagh houses’ Instagram account on Sunday 4 July shared the photo of the staff members with MS Dhoni and of Dev posing with the signature of the former Indian international.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni will soon be 41 on July 7, and a deluge of social media posts on various platforms by its millions of fans can be expected.

Dhoni, who returned from international cricket last August, was last seen in action in the first phase of 2021 IPL.

He will take action again when the IPL resumes in the United Arab Emirates in mid-September.

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Check out the Instagram post here:

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