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Pakistani legend Inzamam-ul-Haq defeats the field used in the WTC final between India and New Zealand

Former Pakistan captain and legend of the game Inzamam-ul-Haq expressed his disappointment at the nature of the field used in the country World Cup (WTC) final between In the and New Zealand.

In the clash of the top that was played at the Rose Bowl in Southampton, bowlers dominated and eventually New Zealand beat India by eight wickets. Inzamam raised the same point and reckoned that the field was not suitable for such a giant match as the bowlers dictated terms and batting was quite challenging.

‘This test match was six days long, and from there it rained for almost four days, and it passed within 2.5 days. No one mentions that who gave the idea that such a field should be used for the final of the World Test Championship, where only the bowlers were visible but the batting side was invisible? ” said Inzamam on his YouTube channel.

“I do not understand how you can prepare such a pitch for such a great match,” he added.

Before the WTC final, many experts, including the Indian head coach, presented Ravi Shastri suggested that the best of three in the next final round of the WTC second cycle would be the winner. Inzamam also shared his opinion on this topic, saying that two matches should take place – one at home and the other in away conditions.

‘My advice is to take two Tests, set up a points system, play one match in New Zealand or whoever is the finalist and the other one in India. The result would have been fairer in that case, “he said. suggested the 51-year-old.

‘If it was like the World Cup, where every match is played in the same country, including the final, then it was different. It is therefore only my opinion that the finals in the future should be on a home and away basis, presented by both the finalists, ” closed Inzamam.

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