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Pogba has vowed to sign or sign a five-year deal as Ince puts an end to the Managa transfer saga

The former Red Devils midfielder believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will add this summer, no matter what happens to a French superstar.

Manchester United must tie Paul Pogba to a five-year deal or move him into the summer transfer window, says Paul Ince, with the former Red Devils midfielder getting tired of the transfer circus surrounding a star of today.

Speculations about the future of a World Cup at Old Trafford are apparently never far away, and rumors are spreading over a few years when it comes to his next move.

Pogba is now in the last year of its current agreement, with that situation that interests people like Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, but fresh terms can still disappear with the enigmatic 28-year-old.

What was said?

Ince, who spent six years with the Red Devils in his playing days, he, while working with Paddy Power, tell Purpose: “Paul Pogba has not signed a new Manchester United contract, and we do not know what he thinks.

‘If he decides to stay, they have to offer him five years. You can not have a dishonesty every year with a player who says he wants to leave.

“If you stay, stay and commit, then show what a world – class player you are. If not, then go and let United use the money to bring in others.

‘We occasionally saw a look at Pogba’s talent for France and United. He has performed very well at the Euros, but if you compare the French team with United’s, he plays there with better players.

“He came to United for big money to be a talisman, but it just didn’t work out. If he will be at his best again, and United can put a few players with him, like Bruno Fernandes, I would like to keep him.

“When Pogba plays for France, he’s in a position at N’Golo Kante. He gets more of the ball and changes game. We don’t always see that at United.”

Will Man Utd pick up in midfield?

Donny van de Beek Manchester United 2020-21

Regardless of what happens to Pogba, Ince believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will look to bring another body into his engine room.

Juan Mata signed a one-year contract extension, while Donny van de Beek stays in the club’s books, but reinforcements are sought across the field Jadon Sancho arrives from Borussia Dortmund and interest is rising in Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane.

Ince added: “Whether Paul Pogba leaves or stays, Manchester United still need a world – class midfielder. As much as I like Scott McTominay, and he’s going to get better, he’s still learning. They need a world – class man now. .

‘There are so many games to play in the Premier League and the Champions League, so you need a big group.

“Will Donny van de Beek get a chance? He did not have a chance at Old Trafford, and I feel sorry for him, while I remember how good he was at Ajax. To come to United had to be a dream move “But he has not had the match yet. Time. Maybe if he goes, he will get the time.”

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