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Ramos is in talks with PSG, but is waiting for Arsenal’s interest as the former Real Madrid defender is considering options

The World Cup winner became a free agent after severing ties with Los Blancos, but no further steps have been agreed yet.

Sergio Ramos is in talks with Paris Saint-Germain over a move to France, but Purpose learned it no agreement has been reached and Arsenal have asked to keep the loop on future talks regarding the former Real Madrid captain.

The 35-year-old World Cup winner has a free agent this summer after reaching the end of his contract at Santiago Bernabeu.

He feels there is still a lot left in the tank and hopes to land the two-year deal somewhere he was refused in the Spanish capital.

Will Ramos join PSG?

Several options were considered by the veteran center link. Purpose can confirm that contact has been made with Ligue 1 giant PSG there has been no agreement so far, as a formal offer of the French outfit has yet to be tabled.

Interest has been acknowledged and discussions between the parties involved will continue.

A move to Parc des Princes could appeal to Ramos, as PSG have many famous faces, such as former Real Madrid colleagues Keylor Navas and Angel Di Maria, friend Neymar and Spanish colleagues Ander Herrera and Pablo Sarabia.

Any options in England?

Sergio Ramos Real Madrid 2020-21

Manchester United linked to approach for Ramos before his departure from Madrid was confirmed. However, they are to explore other options like Raphael Varane and Pau Torres.

Admiring glances, however, are fired from England in England’s direction Purpose understand that Arsenal have asked to be kept informed of future talks.

There has also been speculation about alleged interest from Chelsea, but Purpose can not confirm if there were any queries from Stamford Bridge.

The bigger picture

Ramos regards PSG as a suitable destination for him to extend his leading career.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team want to strengthen this summer because they want to win the domestic title handed over in 2020-21 and have to force them back into the Champions League battle.

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