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Referee Moniruzzaman resigns after Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan controversy in T20 DPL 2021

Controversy shook Dhaka Premier Division Twenty20 2021 Cricket League when Mohammedan Sporting Club cricketer Shakib Al Hasan uprooted and kicked the stumps during a match against Abahani Limited.

Gazi group captain Mahmudullah also revealed his dissatisfaction over a decision in another match when Moniruzzaman was the TV referee.

After the T20 extravagance was finalized, Moniruzzaman resigned his position, saying members of his kind should be treated well.

‘Enough is enough for me and I no longer want to make a referee. Referees can make mistakes, but if we are treated like that, it makes no sense to do it anymore, because I am not just in it for the money, ” Moniruzzaman tells Cricbuzz.

The 44-year-old spoke about the controversies and recalled that he decided to quit his job the day Mahmudullah expressed his displeasure.

“I was not involved in Shakib’s game. The way he acted was very difficult for me to digest. In the Mahmudullah match, I was the TV referee and I watched the episode closely. It left me numb and at that point I decided not to continue with the referee. “ he said.

Moniruzzaman further states that he is not an employee of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and is only used to get the match fees compared to the high salaries of the employees of the board. Therefore, he came to the verdict for the love of the game.

‘I’m not an employee of the BCB, and given the money the referees receive from the board, I can not accept it. I did it out of love for the game because I used to only get the match fee. I’m happy that nothing has happened to me so far, but who knows, I may be a subject of humiliation in the next game, ‘ Moniruzzaman concluded.

Meanwhile, Abahani Limited won the T20 Dhaka Premier League 2021 when it finished at the top of the Super League stage of the competition.

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