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Golf has long been one of the most popular sports in the world. However, starting to play golf is not that easy. First you need to find a suitable course, buy the equipment and lastly look for an education academy or a professional instructor. The best places to play golf are casino resorts. Usually they have great facilities of excellent quality, and they offer all kinds of courses for beginners. By going to such a resort for a few weeks, you can quickly become a confident player. And in this article we will tell you about the seven leading casino resorts that offer the best golf courses.

Puntacana Resort & Club

This resort is a famous place in the world of golf: prestigious international championships has been held here repeatedly. There are 45 holes, six of which overlook the sea, while 14 have a beautiful view of the beach. There are also some beginner courses on how to play golf or improve specific skills. After all, it’s not just about golf, but the resort offers all the amenities guests need, from a spa complex to a shopping mall and casinos.

2. Caesar’s Palace in Cascata

Caesar’s Palace Casino in Vegas is one of the most iconic casinos in the world. Palace also offers visitors to play in their Cascata Golf Club which offers some opportunities from the golf tournament calendar. The track opened in 2000 and has since attracted thousands of players from around the world. Of course, Cascata has a wide variety of golf courses for beginners and advanced players.

3. We-Ko-Pa Resort

It must be said that this resort and its casino are extremely expensive and that it does not suit poor students who prefer to use casino bonuses. After all, most students try a £ 1 minimum deposit casino and play for small interests, and in We-Ko-Pa they will have to spend hundreds of dollars for a deposit. But in turn, the casino offers a convenient loyalty program and all kinds of games. So it is not a bad option for gamblers and golfers.

We-Ko-Pa in Arizona

The resort has two corridors: Cholla – 7,225 meters long and Saguaro – 6,966 meters. They are placed in a beautiful natural environment and offer the best sports courses.

4. The Beau Rivage Resort

This is a spectacular oceanfront hotel and the world famous Fallen Oak Golf Club. Holidays here are also quite expensive for average golf students and will hardly suit those who use them list of $ 1 deposit casinos to find exclusive offers. Of course, the local casinos always reward players, but they offer quite expensive casino offers. On the other hand, Beau Resort is a great place for golfers. Here you can become a student of the local club and master your skills.

5. The Turning Stone Resort

This 3,400-acre resort has one of the highest quality courses in the world and has a 120,000-square-foot casino. In addition to a large amount of gambling options, you can book a personal golf coach. The resort has 5 fields, where you can meet professional players and visit international competitions.

6. The Pearl River Resort

Located in Choctaw Indian Reservation, the resort offers casino and golfing opportunities in an exotic setting. The hotel has 3 casinos and 2 golf courses. If you want to organize your education, you can contact the local Dancing Rabbit Club, whose instructors will easily teach you the basics of the game.

7. St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

If you like spectacular mountain scenery, this is the place for you. It is located in the Canadian mountains and offers a great variety of casino games as well as a modern golf club. There are regular sports courses for beginners, as well as the possibility to book a personal trainer.


Golf resorts offer luxury holidays with excellent conditions, spectacular sports fields and the opportunity to compete against worthy opponents or to take lessons and master a flawless swing. Most hotels, which offer golf lessons, also have on-site casinos. Usually these casinos are very nice and offer a wide range of game options. So after a long golfing session, everyone can enjoy a game of blackjack or slots. You just need to book a room in such a place to relax on a long awaited vacation. And we hope your article comes in handy and will help you choose the best ear option.

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