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SIK Golf opens new putter pass studio at Silvermere – Golf News

Putter brand SIK Golf has opened a new national performance center at Silvermere Golf and Leisure in Cobham, Surrey.

The specially built venue – part of a UK network of SIK Golf Fit Centers – features the newly installed Quintic Ball Roll analysis system and a SIK fit bag unique to the golf industry, found at every SIK fit, the component bag holds each style of putter head, a selection of shafts, hoses and components needed to go through the 138 different options involved in the fitting process.

Terry Sims, Managing Director of Silvermere Golf Store & Complex, said: “We are delighted to partner with YUMAX Golf (distributors of SIK Golf putters) in the UK to bring SIK putters to our customer base in an excellent style and service. Looking at Bryson Dechambeau with his unique style, and giving it brand credibility in both product innovation and style, makes it an excellent brand to be involved in. If we have the leading putter analysis software here at our service adds, it will not only give the golfer a wonderful experience, but it will also send them away with a club that they believe is no longer suitable for their individual game. ‘

SIK is an acronym for ‘Study in Kinematics’, the study of motion. U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau, an eight-time winner around the world, was used on the tour in 2020. The company’s patented Descending Loft Technology involves grinding four flat surfaces in the putter plane. Each plane descends one cage into the cage from the top of the face to the bottom of the face. Despite the large number of strokes in play, DLT enables the golfer to offer the putter face in a constant launch angle, creating a more predictable ball roll, which encourages better distance control.

To book a 60-minute SIK Golf putter session at Silvermere, which costs £ 40 per email club.department@silvermere-golf.co.uk or call 01932 584325.

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