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‘Something special is happening’ – Former English stars react to victory in Euro 2020 quarter-final over Ukraine

The Three Lions reached the semifinals on Saturday with a fifth consecutive clean sheet

Alan Shearer, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand are one of the former English players to express their excitement over Ukraine’s 4-0 result in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals on Saturday.

The group proudly watched as the Three Lions kept clean sheets in each of their five games as they improved their onslaught as the tournament progressed.

Shearer said that “something special is happening” with the team of Gareth Southgate, and the former players all praised the mentality that the current group showed.

What was said?

“Something special is happening,” Shearer said. BBC One. “We started the tournament slowly, but we improve with every game. My head says I need to calm down, but my heart gets carried away.

“Really, really positive, well done Gareth and well done England!”

Lampard meanwhile said ‘now is the time for us [observers] to get excited about [the performance] and the time for them to keep their heads down and be confident. ‘

Ferdinand praised the way Southgate used its abundant group options.

“I’m even more confident now,” the former center-back said. ‘The biggest compliment I can give to this side is that I have never put together a side like this.

“All the players that are going on influence the game in a positive way. The manager uses the group. Everyone justifies their choice. They are hard to play against.”

England’s offensive growth

During the group stage, the Three Lions were criticized for playing negative football, despite their numerous available attackers. They scored 0.0 expected goals in the second half of a 1-0 victory over the Czech Republic to close the round – a sign of their intention to kill games at all costs.

But England now scored six goals in two knockout matches, first defeating Germany 2-0 and then dominating Ukraine.

Harry Kane scored twice on Saturday, while Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson also scored with goals in the second half. Henderson’s header was his first goal for England.

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