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TECNO celebrates this football season with its TECNO WOW promotion

Getting involved in sports is not a new thing for the smartphone giants, TECNO mobile is already an official partner of Manchester City

It seems like TECNO is always in our faces, but it’s apparently because they’ve set on being a brand that gives every chance they get value. This time, they decided to be a part of the football season and make an unforgettable impact on the lives of the brand’s fans.

Getting involved in sports is not a new thing for the smartphone giants. As is well known, TECNO mobile is an official partner of Manchester City Football Club. Without a doubt, TECNO is a football fan, and it is safe to say that they are out to open up many more Nigerians to the love of the game.

So the football season is currently underway, and it was crazy fun. But do you know what? It’s going to go crazy! TECNO Wow Promo is about to take the heat to a whole new level.

Fans and customers of TECNO stand a chance to win exciting gift items throughout the campaign. Now, here’s the cherry top of this sweetness; the grand prize is a brand new car!

Customers will have the chance to win during the Promo in three different stages; at the point of purchase in authorized stores nationwide, at the local draws and during the big prize draw at the end of the promotion.

To win, go to one of TECNO’s authorized outlets nationwide and purchase the Spark 7 (32 GB + 2 GB) or a TECNO Pop 5 smartphone. After the purchase, you will receive a raffle ticket that qualifies you for the regional and big draws, as well as an instant lucky dive in the same store where you made your TECNO smartphone purchase. That’s all you need to do. Simple, right?

There will then be online as well as offline draws for prizes such as TVs, microwave ovens, TECNO A3 earbuds and standing fans. Online draws will be held weekly, while local draws will be held at two-week intervals.

TECNO’s social media fans also stand a chance to win a Spark 7 smartphone for every game day for the correct predictions of the score.

The mega draw for the car prize will be held on 15 July 2021 in Lagos.

But wait. That’s not all the campaign is about. There will also be mini soccer matches at some authorized outlets where customers are entertained and rewarded at the same time!

It’s going to be fun and a win around the world!

The campaign runs from June 20 to July 15, 2021. What are you waiting for? Buy!

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