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USMNT star Pulisic has been criticized for falling off the boat after endangering fish from the goliath crawler following ball juggling stunt

The Chelsea striker found himself in hot water after going viral on social media

Chelsea and USMNT midfielder Christian Pulisic found themselves in the middle of a storm involving a goliath truck.

On Saturday, a video went viral on social media showing the 22-year-old sitting on a boat and juggling a ball over one of the giant fish, held on a line.

Pulisic lost control of the ball quite embarrassingly and fell on top of the fish into the water, which consequently struggled.

What was said?

Pulisic, who played 43 times for Chelsea last season and scored six goals, has been criticized by the Blue Planet Society, a voluntary pressure group that strives to end the overexploitation of the world ocean.

On his Twitter account, it posted: “The abuse of an endangered goliath crawler for a video on social media is a new low.”

What is a goliath container?

A goliath crawler is a large saltwater fish found in tropical waters. It is mostly found in waters off the east coast of the United States, including the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, much of the Caribbean, and the Brazilian coast. It is found less frequently off the coast of Africa from Congo to Senegal.

Its conservation status is classified as ‘vulnerable’, meaning there is no immediate concern about the future.

Due to the fact that they tend to spawn in large quantities and return to the same places annually, this makes them vulnerable to mass harvesting.

As such, a crop ban was imposed because the population was rapidly declining. It has been protected in the US since 1990 and in the Caribbean since 1993.

The fish has a slow growth rate, which means that the population will take a while to return to its previous state.

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