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Wasim Akram comes up with advice for Babar Azam to improve his batting

The T20 World Cup will take place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and several teams have started to achieve their best during the global spectacle event. Many parties are currently playing the bilateral T20I series to prepare themselves for the mega-competition.

For each team, their best batsmen must perform well to ensure that they participate in the tournament for a long time. Something similar will happen to the Pakistani captain and productive batsman Babar Azam. He was Pakistan’s mainstay, especially in dire situations, and he will have to remain consistent in giving ‘Men in Green’ hope to repeat what they did in 2009.

In the recent past, there has been a debate about Babar’s strike rate and percentage rates. The Lahore-born has a strike rate of 129.70 in the shortest format, which is not bad, but also not dominant, especially considering the caliber of Babar.

Quite a few experts expressed their concern about Babar because he could not increase his strike rate. The latest result of the wagon is former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram. The legendary figure wants Babar to improve his pitching percentage as he now opens the innings for Pakistan in the T20Is.

‘They [Pakistan batsmen] must look at the top batsmen in the world and learn how to approach their game. We have Babar Azam, and Rizwan is good too, but I think Babar needs to improve his point ball percentage in the first six overs. The players have to develop, especially with so much T20 cricket being played, ” said Akram during the draft ceremony of the Kashmir Premier League.

Akram claims that despite the six PSL seasons, there was no talent in the emerging category.

‘We’ve had six PSL seasons, but can you name one batsman who came through the emerging category? Haider Ali’s name has come up, but he is not consistent. Hafeez is 40 odd; he is physically very fit and part of the team. I’m glad he’s playing well, even though he’s not capable at the moment. “If there was another good batsman, he would be replaced, but that is not the case.” he added.

The 55-year-old explained that batsmen need to learn how to speed up the innings, pick their bowlers while players learn all these tactics while playing games, because no coach can teach you such things.

‘Batting does not mean you have to hit a six on every ball. You need to choose your bowler, place and opposition along with situational awareness. A coach will not tell you about situational awareness, it comes from the intelligence of players, and they need to learn it, ‘ Akram added further.

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