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WTC final: ICC sells tickets for a reserve day at lower prices

The ICC will lower ticket prices for the sixth reserve day of the World Test final between India and New Zealand, which was hit hard by inclement weather.

After flushing out the entire first day’s play, 64.4 overs took place on the second day while 76.3 overs were bowled on Sunday on the third day between the two teams.

The fourth day’s game is also affected by the first session that has already been washed out, and the sixth day, which ICC has retained as a reserve, is definitely going to take effect.


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“Yes, the prices of tickets for the sixth day are being reduced. It is a standard practice for Test matches to be played in the UK. As the test match is only available to UK residents, ICC follows the same guidelines,” he said. an ICC source said. said PTI Monday.

For the WTC final, tickets cost three plates – 150 GBP (15 444 INR), 100 GBP (10 296 INR) and 75 GBP (7722 INR).

The new rates are GBP 100 (INR 10,296), GBP 75 (INR 7722) and GBP 50 (INR 5148).

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