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11 tips for basketball training sessions (how to get up and get selected)

The first day of basketball tests can be a nerve-wracking experience for players.

No matter how long you’ve been playing or how many workouts you’ve been attending, everyone gets those little butterflies in their stomachs before they walk into the gym.

Today I will try to calm your nerves a little …

Below I have listed a few things you can do to prepare for basketball workouts.

Whether you are a first-year student trying to make your high school team, a youth player who wants to earn a place in a travel team, or an athlete who wants to make an impression on an AAU coach …

The 11 test tips below can help you.

11 basketball tests Tips:

1. Arrive in fantastic shape

Perhaps the best thing you can do to improve your chances of getting selected is to make sure your body is in good condition BEFORE trials begin.

Basketball tests always involve a LOT of running or transition games.

Some coaches even try to figure out which players can fight fatigue.

You want to be able to concentrate on playing your best, and not just on surviving the test.

When you get to the top, you have a huge advantage over many of your peers.

2. Rely on your preparation

It is easy to feel nervous due to the stress of the test.

Try to ward off these nerves by trusting yourself and the work you have already done!

Preparation equals confidence.

Think about it…

If you have spent countless hours to develop your lap, improve your ball handlingIf you study the game and practice against good competition, then why would not you feel confident?

You deserve the team!

All you have to do is go out and prove it.

boy playing basketball on an outdoor court

3. Arrive early and start work

In many areas of life, it is possible to make a good impression by simply arriving early.

(this is one of the many life lessons basketball will learn)

If your test is immediately after school, get ready quickly and go to court.

If you try in the evening, ask your parents to bring you there before the start time.

While this is probably not the make or break factor of the team, it does give you the chance to show the coaches that you are serious about the team.

If you do not know the coach yet, you need to introduce yourself to him or her.

If you approach the court, you should start working on your game immediately.

Coaches do not want to see players get confused and shoot half-court shots before practice.

Start with shape shooting or complete a ball handling routine.

4. Your body language is important

This is an aspect of the game that players often overlook.

Coaches place a big premium on body language.

Understand that your attitude communicates not only with your words, but also with your eyes, reactions and facial expressions.

Make eye contact and nod your head to show understanding.

Do not simmer or stop playing if you miss a shot or think you are getting infected.

Your coaches WILL be constantly reviewing these things.

If they think you are inattentive or easily rattled / frustrated, it will hurt your chances.

5. Be the hardest player in the gym

Communication is great!

There are different ways to help your team, as well as your own chances of making the final list, by focusing on good communication.

First, the defensive side of the floor is an excellent place to talk constantly.

Does your coach give you specific words to use?

Maybe he or she wants you to communicate ‘BAL’, ‘GAP’, ‘DENY’ or some other defense phrase.

If your coach does not specify this, simply call what you do during each defensive possession:

  • “I got your help!”
  • “I have the ball!”
  • “Force him away!”

A speaking defender is usually an engaged defender.

Equally important, you can enhance the environment of the exercise by providing your teammates with reminders and encouragement.

Basketball matches play players against each other, because everyone fights to catch up with the team …

But coaches want to retain players who are good teammates!

A player who constantly encourages the people around her has an advantage over someone who stays by herself.

Make sure your coaches and teammates hear you!

Finally, you may be asked to learn some new plays, exercises or concepts during the trial period.

Ask a coach if you do not understand anything.

This is important for two reasons:

(1) Asking a question for clarity is definitely better than confusing the exercise program.

(2) Questions show that you are engaged and that you want to learn more.

6. Get ‘teammate touch’

This is another form of communication.

Show support for your teammates by punching as many fists and fists as possible.

It is a simple way to show leadership and improve the practice environment.

Get in touch when running at the end of a line or after a teammate has made a good play.

Challenge yourself to touch once and to make two encouraging remarks every minute of your basketball tests (unless, of course, a coach speaks).

7. Focus on the “little things”

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens once said:

‘If you consider the consequences of not doing the little things, you realize that there are no small things.

Coaches understand that, and so do smart players.

Coaches want players on their team that they can trust to do everything possible to help the team win.

Of course you can help yourself in the test by dropping shots …

But everyone has a bad shooting day from time to time.

So make sure you do not rely on a good shooting day by finding other ways to make a good impression on the coaches.

  • Take a charge
  • Communicate hard
  • Dive on a loose ball
  • Listen with your eyes
  • Fight hard for rebounds
basketball trials

8. Play to your strengths

This tip is crucial.

As a player you have to realize what you are doing AND not doing well.

All players have strengths and weaknesses.

You will make the best impression on the coaches by focusing on what you are doing well.

For example:

If you are not a good shooter, it does not make sense to throw a wild shot every time you touch the ball in the hope of draining a three-pointer.

This is probably not the best way to show the coaching staff how you can help their team.

On the other side…

If you excel at rebounding, challenge yourself to be the BEST rebounder in the gym.

(Who would possibly cut the best rebounder in the team?)

Or maybe you’re a fast and skilled defensive player …

Make an effort to push your opponent’s full lane and disrupt your man every time he or she has the ball.

By the end of the basketball tests, make sure the coaches know exactly what you are doing well.

You have time to improve your weaknesses during the season.

9. Sprinkle the floor with each possession

Transition is an extremely important part of the game.

Players running in an offensive transition can accumulate easy baskets. And players who run hard in the defensive transition can wipe out easy opportunities for the opponent.

Both are crucial to winning matches, and both can make an impression on your coaches.

To do this well, it comes down to a few factors.

The first goes back to point number one …

Be in shape!

Then try to develop an attitude to run hard.

You do not have to be the fastest player in the gym to run hard.

Players who can read the play and take off immediately in the transition have a big advantage over those who ‘watch ball’.

Coaches regularly talk about the importance of the first three steps in the transition game.

If your team gets a defensive rebound, get started!

If your opponent kicks the ball back, jump back and be ready to make a play!

Your coaches will notice this.

10. Details, details, details

Basketball coaches are inherently detail-oriented.

If a play asks a player in the corner, they want him completely in the corner.

If a screen is to be set on the elbow, it must be.

Feel free to listen and do your best to execute the nuances of the game.

You can also pay attention to detail in the implementation of the basics.

For example:

Many coaches include a short shooting segment in their training plans.

Do not just turn the ball around …

Straighten your feet, pinch your wrist and keep following!

By following these details, you show that you are focused and try to do your best.

11. Compete your butt

Your team’s basketball test is a competition.

While it is not productive to get caught up in comparison to other potential players, you have to be ready to compete hard.

The best way to compete is by simply doing Your best in every part of the test.

This is all that anyone can expect from you!

If you play as hard as possible in every practice match, you will put yourself in an excellent position to not only make the team, but also to excel and have a good season.


Coaches realize that the basketball testing process can be stressful for players.

Trust me, it can be stressful for us too!

Coaches want to see how players excel and show how they can help the team.

So relax!

Prepare yourself to the best of your ability, be confident, be a good teammate, focus and do your best. If you do these things, you will definitely need to undergo a successful test.


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