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111 goals for Portugal – against which country did Cristiano Ronaldo score the most goals?

The Portuguese superstar broke Ali Daei’s record after his fight against the Republic of Ireland …

Cristiano Ronaldo compiled history through the highest goal scorer of all time in international football when he scored a prop against Ireland in a qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup in Portugal on Wednesday at the Algarve Stadium in Portugal.

With the prop, Ronaldo surpassed the record of Iran’s Ali Daei of 109 goals and he has now become the highest international goal scorer with 111 goals in his cat.

The visitors took the lead in the 45th minute of the match after Ronaldo missed a penalty in the 15th minute. But the Portuguese superstar recovered in the second half by scoring twice in the 89th minute and 90 + 6 minutes to lead his team to an unforgettable victory.

With the three points, Portugal remained at the top of Group A with 10 points from four games. Serbia are currently second in the group with seven points from three games.

Let’s break down his 111 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Euro 2020

Against which country did Ronaldo score the most goals?

Ronaldo has scored 44 goals in his career. The two countries against which Ronaldo has scored the most goals are Lithuania and Sweden. The 36-year-old has scored seven goals against both countries during his illustrious career.

The next country on this list is Andorra, against whom Ronaldo scored six goals. Here is a detailed breakdown of Ronaldo’s goals.

Country Goals
Lithuania 7
Sweden 7
Andorra 6
Armenia 5
Latvia 5
Luxembourg 5
Estonia 4
Faroe Islands 4
Hungary 4
The Netherlands 4
Belgium 3
Denmark 3
Northern Ireland 3
Russia 3
Spain 3
Switzerland 3
Azerbaijan 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Cameroon 2
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 2
Egypt 2
Kazakhstan 2
Saudi Arabia 2
France 2
Argentina 1
Croatia 1
Ecuador 1
Finland 1
Ghana 1
Greece 1
Iceland 1
Iran 1
Morocco 1
Germany 1
Wallis 1
Ukraine 1
Slovakia 1
Serbia 1
Pole 1
Panama 1
North Korea 1
New Zealand 1
Republic of Ireland 2

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