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2021 WWE Hell in a Cell Card, Matches, Date, Rumors, Predictions, Match Card, Start Time, Venue

With plans to return to the live tour for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has made an audible call and moved hell into a cell in the fall until June 20 from its usual place , which surprisingly pushed back the expected money in the bank. view of when it can be held in front of a live crowd.

Hell in a Cell is the true beginning of the transition to the SummerSlam season, with top-notch champions Raw and SmackDown penetrating the Cell to defend their titles. WWE champion Bobby Lashley will face Drew McIntyre one last time, and McIntyre will be blocked from future shots at Lashley’s title if he loses inside the cell. From the side of SmackDown, Bianca Belair will defend the SmackDown women’s championship inside the cell when she takes on former champion Bayley.

Hell in a Cell takes place from the ThunderDome in Yuengling Center in Tampa. The event will be broadcast live on Peacock at 7pm ET with a kick-off show an hour prior.

Let’s see what we know – and what we expect – at WWE Hell in a Cell.

WWE Hell in a Cell Games

WWE Championship – Bobby Lashley (c) teen Drew McIntyre (Hell in a Cell): The latest entry to WWE’s long list of never-ending feuds seems to have left Lashley and McIntyre at least one more single after Lashley defeated McIntyre at WrestleMania and then beat Lashley and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match at WrestleMania Backlash. McIntyre earned this shot by beating Kofi Kingston in a singles match at Raw. At the signing of the contract for the match, McIntyre posed the challenge of having the match take place inside hell in a cell. Lashley accepts, but with his own determination. If McIntyre loses, he will not get another chance at the title as long as Lashley is champion.

Raw Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley (c) teen Charlotte Flair: Flair had a singles match with Ripley as the two women were part of a triple threat with Asuka at WrestleMania Backlash – a match that Flair forced on her. Ripley retains the title by pinning Asuka, giving Flair the angle she needs to give a one-on-one clash. With a single win over Asuka on Raw, Flair took the opportunity in Hell in a Cell and will now try to expand her record number as champion.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Hell in a Cell): Bayley was not ready to return after losing to Belair at WrestleMania Backlash. With no other clear immediate contender for Belair and a need to keep an ever-fresh champion on every major map, a reunion just made sense. Not the type of champion who was waiting for a challenge to be issued, Belair took the lead and dropped the challenge on SmackDown himself, while Bayley accepted it. This led to Belair finally taking on the challenge of placing the match inside the Cell, a challenge that Bayley accepted while brutally attacking the champion.

Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler: Bliss tormented Baszler with the help of her doll Lilly. It’s not the most compelling story, but Bliss as a supernatural being is something WWE was dedicated to and Lilly was an extra force in the story. Baszler was attacked by Lilly during the Raw scene and the following week, Nz Jax, a friend of Baszler’s, accepted a match on behalf of Hell in a Cell.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: Another in the long series of WWE feuds that never ends, Zayn and Owens did once again host one of their amazing matches on WrestleMania, but after Zayn interfered on several occasions in Owens’ affairs with Apollo Crews, Owens had another crack on Zayn claimed. WWE official Adam Pearce granted his wish and instituted the pay-per-view match.

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro: Rollins carried out some brutal attacks on Cesaro, including with a staircase on the entrance driveway. The tension between the men did not ease, with Cesaro attacking Rollins during Rollins’ appearance in Bayley’s segment “Ding Dong, Hello”. During the home issue of SmackDown, Cesaro took up the challenge for the pay-per-view official and put Rollins on the floor, saying he would see him Sunday.

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