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2022 World Cup Qualifiers: FC Partizan’s Gomes Explains Decision to Leave Cape Verde Before the Crack in Nigeria

Contrary to the initial statement made by the FCF, the Serbian forward said why he announced his Blue Sharks retirement

Ricardo Gomes explained his reasons why he announced his retirement hours in Cape Verde ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier against Nigeria.

The Cape Verde Football Federation has declared that the Partizan Belgrade star has left the Blue Sharks team due to injuries.

However, the 29-year-old defended these claims — confirming that he had announced his international retirement.

In a statement made available to the media, Gomes – who missed the 1-1 draw against the Central African Republic – explained the situation and informed his decision.

‘It is currently public knowledge that I play for the Partizan FK club participating in the Serbian championship. For those who know, the journeys from Serbia to Cape Verde or another African country where our team plays have a long duration, with the consequences of acquaintances of long journeys, ‘he wrote.

‘But during these years I have always obeyed the calls, even in situations where it would be professionally advisable to refuse or temporarily relinquish our choice, and to place our choice above my personal and professional ambitions and the ambitions of the clubs that for all purposes and goals are the responsible and biggest investors in my professional career, all in line with the dream of participating and helping our country, by the way, a dream I have had since I know myself as a people.

‘However, after the joint training for the match against the Nigerian national team, it was clear that my help was extremely important at the moment, because despite the long journey from Serbia, it was clear that the technical team was not counting me for the first time. . team, and also not for the second team.

‘It should be noted that two teams were made in the aforementioned training. I was left out of two. Given my age and every restriction to travel to represent our team, I understand that it does not make sense to be a choice of the technical team of our team, and my vacancy could very well be filled by a young player who is currently starting his football career. ”

Ricardo Gomes - Cape Verde

“I do not want to blame anyone for my decision, let alone the staff who are part of the technical team and the FCF,” he continued.

‘Just a statement and a decision made with calm and thoughtfulness, to the people who helped me the most during my football career.

” A player’s life that is about football, you need to know how to position yourself consciously and thoughtfully before the decisions we transcend.

‘Therefore, I communicate my decision to withdraw immediately from our choice, and give place to those who are waiting for an opportunity, saying that I have never felt a greater pride than I represent our country.

“I wish our team well and that we all rejoice in our choice in the next World Cup. Thank you all very much. ”

Since his international debut in 2015, Gomes has scored four goals in 16 games played for Cape Verde.

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