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4 batsmen with the most runs in IPL history in the UAE

IPL has so far taken place twice in the United Arab Emirates in the history of 13 years, and not many batsmen have been able to handle the bounce and pace of the lanes. In 2014, Punjab used the conditions to their advantage, as the first half of the season took place in the UAE due to elections, while the second half took place again in In the.

The difficult and challenging Covid times in 2020 meant that IPL had to be suspended and that it was held behind closed doors for the first time in September with strict protocols. The 2021 IPL started positively in India, but anger in Covid-19 cases again meant the BCCI had to suspend halfway. The remaining matches now take place in the UAE in September, while we look at 4 batsmen with the most runs in IPL history in the UAE.

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