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5 batsmen with the most sixes in Test cricket since 2018

Test cricket is synonymous with patience, eagerness and perseverance. In a format in which the ball speaks a lot, batsmen should accurately judge the lines and lengths to pass. During the late 90s and early 2010s, you would rarely have seen batsmen play in the air and take risks.

In the last decade or so, however, the game has seen many batsmen take an aggressive approach even in Test cricket. Many more sixes have been hit in the last decade compared to the early years of Test cricket. Much credit for this should also be given to the launch of T20 cricket.

The fans today see how sixes are hit more often in Test cricket. Here is a look at the five players who have scored the most sixes in Test cricket since 2018:

5 batsmen with the most sixes in Test cricket since 2018

Jos Buttler:

Jos Buttler[photo: Twitter]

Jos Buttler, a hard hitter and an aggressive English batsman, is one of the best talents in limited overs. He was a prolific scorer for England in white ball cricket. As for Test cricket, however, he could not achieve the consistency. Since 2014, he has represented England in 52 Tests, with a score of 2793 on an average of 33.6.

Interestingly, since 2018, Jos Buttler has scored the fifth most sixes in Test cricket with 22 sixes to his name. In the ongoing Test series against India, Jos Buttler struggled to get well. In 4 overs he managed to score 65 runs. He hit 10 fours, but he has yet to score a sixth in the series. He would strive to add some maximums to his name in the remaining three games in the series.

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