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8 basketball shooting cards (free to download and print)

A basketball shot card is used to track the shooting numbers of a team.

You will discover where each shot was taken and whether it was a make or a mist.

Knowing this is important for several reasons:

(1) To evaluate the shots of your team

Where do most of your shots come from?

What percentage do you shoot from different parts of the floor?

Knowing this can help you make changes in the team’s offense, and will show you the key areas to focus on during practice.

(2) It gives you concrete evidence

At halftime, many coaches will say to their team, “We shoot too many 3s!”

But how much evidence does it have to support that?

If you show a basketball shot card to your team, your statements can be proven.

“But who’s going to fill it out?”

Definitely not the head coach, they are too busy coaching.

If you do not have an assistant who can keep up, then ask one of your more basketball-skilled parents if they do not care to help you.

It’s not hard … All they have to do is mark where the shot was taken with an ‘O’ on a made shot and an ‘X’ on a missed shot.

8 Downloadable Basketball Shooting Cards

I created eight different cards and posted them below.

You have several options …

1. Follow one team (no individual stats) – halves

2. Track one team (no individual stats) – Quarters

3. Follow both teams (no individual stats) – halves

4. Follow both teams (no individual stats) – Quarters

5. Follow a team (with individual stats) – halves

6. Track a team (with individual stats) – quarters

7. Follow both teams (with individual stats) – halves

8. Follow both teams (with individual stats) – Quarters

If you prefer to keep track of individual stats as well, I would not recommend sharing them with basketball players … stats for young players only lead to problems.

Enjoy it!

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