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Aakash Chopra blames media for false reports of Bhuvneshwar Kumar being denied tests

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra recently spoke to the Media because he had created rumors about Indian seam bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar not being willing to play Test cricket. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who is currently in Sri Lanka for the Sri Lanka series for limited overs, was not happy with the rumors and denied it during a press conference.

Bhuvneshwar, who last played a Test, was not part of the ICC World Cup final group and also for the Test series of five matches. India did not have a swing bowler who could make a difference, while a rumor was spread about the Indian seam bowler who was not willing to play Test cricket.

Aakash Chopra (Image Credit: Twitter)

Aakash Chopra feels that rumors could hinder the player’s limited career

Aakash Chopra called it Bhuvneshwar Kumar never mentioned that he does not want to play Tests and he made it clear that the seam bowler said he can do nothing if he is not selected. Chopra believes that the media should be careful with the rumors they spread, and this can be very costly for the player’s career. He concluded that the pressure in the media is nothing compared to playing cricket for India.

“Bhuvneshwar Kumar said he did not mention that he did not want to play Tests; he can do nothing if he is not played. I really hope all the people spreading rumors confirm their sources because you do not want to spoil the limited career of players. They already have enough pressure, your pressure is unfounded ” Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra (Image Credit: Twitter)

Aakash Chopra sympathizes with Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Aakash Chopra mentions that the media has a problem creating stories of any random person and running them on a bigger picture. He added that these stories often spread very quickly and that the player has always been caught up in them. He concluded by showing sympathy with Indian seam bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who was the scapegoat here.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar (Image Credit: Twitter)

‘It’s a problem that it’s someone’s brainchild, and you cite it as a story. And then it spreads like wildfire and the person is left to just put out the fire. So I sympathize with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. ”

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has a good record in England and he will definitely return to the Indian Test squad soon.

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