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‘Absolutely incomprehensible’ – Sterling award in Euro 2020 semi-final surprises former FIFA referee Meier

The Three Lions climbed past Denmark in the semi-finals with the attempt of Harry Kane coming after a controversial putt.

Former FIFA referee Urs Meier was left stunned by the punishment with which England could move past Denmark in the semi-finals of Euro 2020, with Raheem Sterling wanted as a ‘contact’ in an ‘absolutely incomprehensible’ call.

The Three Lions benefited from the controversial decision during extra time of the last four meeting at Wembley, with Harry Kane to walk to the venue. The England’s captain saw his initial effort saved before reversing the setback.

The chance arose after Sterling collapsed under pressure from Joakim Maehle, with match referee Danny Makkelie deciding he had stumbled and VAR supported his ruling.

What was said?

Meier is confused about how that conclusion was reached, with the Swiss official told Purpose: “What can you say about that? Sterling was looking for contact, it was clearly too little for a penalty kick.

“I was even more surprised when Makkelie pointed to the spot. At that moment I thought there might be contact, which I missed at the right speed, but then the slow movements confirmed my first impression. There was nothing for there to be. has not been a punishment.

“The referee probably interpreted the Danish defender’s one step as a bonehead. Nevertheless, I would have expected the VAR to rectify the decision. To me it is absolutely incomprehensible that he did not at least send the referee in front of the screen to do not look. back on the scene. ‘

When there was a second ball on the field during the incident, Meier added: ‘Makkelie could have made life much easier for him if he had blown the whistle. No one would criticize it.

“I personally would not have done it either. Because I personally do not think you have to constantly interrupt the game because of a second ball – as long as it does not interfere. In my opinion it did not interfere, all the players were just focused on the ‘right’ ball. ‘

Who else said their say?

Flattery Denmark England - Euro 2020

Denmark midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg was less than impressed, with the Tottenham star telling TV3 +: “If there is no VAR on, mistakes can occur, but when there is a VAR, they should then be allowed to stand here. How do they feel? What did they think? What was their view on it all?

“It’s easy as a player to have to answer each other and not have to comment, but sometimes you want to hear from the referee what he thinks.”

Former Manchester United and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho also offered his chance, with the Portuguese talkSPORT: “It’s never a penalty kick. The best team won, England deserved to win. England were fantastic, but for me it’s never a penalty kick.

“At this level, a Euro semi-final, I do not really understand the referee’s decision. I understand even less the fact that the VAR did not bring the referee to the screen or overthrow the decision. For to me it’s never a punishment.

“As a footballer, I’m so happy that England won. Don’t get me wrong, and I think they deserve to win – but as a footballer, I’m disappointed that the penalty was imposed.”

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