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AFC Leopards did not do enough to earn FKF Shield Cup – Lilumbi

The former official claimed that the current officials are to blame for not creating a competitive environment for the team

Former AFC Leopards secretary Timothy Lilumbi claims club officials have not done enough to help the club win the FKF Shield Cup.

AFC Leopards were defeated by arch-rival Gor Mahia in the penalty kicks after the full-time 0-0 draw and Lilumbi now blamed the office dwellers for their failure to lift the trophy in early July.

What was said

“Whoever was in charge of business did not know when to pull the strings. There is no way anyone is playing in a final game, and you let it go just as easily. When I was in the office ‘, AFC Leopards won the Shield Cup and before that game there was no way I could sleep and if I had slept at all I should have slept on the field,’ said Lilumbi Purpose.

“If you want something, you have to do everything to get it, and everything means everything. You have to make sure that the players are motivated and that the field has no ‘thorns’ that the players can stab during the game. I have do not leave anything that is coincidental and we won the Shield Cup in 2013 and in 2017.

‘I just think the AFC Leopards slipped the cup off their fingers because at one point they were the Belgian coach [Patrick Aussems] said he would blame the office if they did not win the Premier League or the Shield Cup.

“At this point, it seems like they did not do much to earn a victory in the final.”

Elvis Rupia from AFC Leopards vs Gor Mahia.


There were superstitions, especially around games that upset AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia and Lilumbi said that although he personally does not believe in the existence of such supernatural powers, there are people who strongly believe in them.

“There are people who can not do without superstitions, so it is difficult to say that they do not exist,” he added. “But overall I do not think it works because I have seen African teams go to some places to be beaten and beaten. If superstition really works, it would mean they would win astonishing records. So I do not think so. is not a factor. “

A 2-0 defeat against Tusker on Saturday, AFC Leopards conceded more field in the FKF Premier League title race.

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