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Ajax’s Bob Little’s inspired by UEFA’s Three Little Birds Kit

The Dutch giants wore the special set for the first time on Saturday, but the European governing body ruled that it contained illegal images.

Ajax have been banned from wearing their original design for a Bob Marley-inspired kit by UEFA, which says the strip contains images that are in breach of federation rules.

The strip, inspired by the song Three Little Birds, which became a national anthem for Ajax fans, was introduced for the 2021-22 season and was worn away for the first time by Ajax on Saturday in their Eredivisie victory, PEC Zwolle, away .

However, the shirt has been changed from the design initially unveiled in the summer – and the reason has now been revealed as an unclear rule by the European football governing body.

What has changed?

Ajax wore the predominantly black outfit with red, yellow and green finishes, serving as their third strip for 2021-22, against PEC, as their blue away jerseys looked too much like the opponent’s home shirt.

The original kit has three birds on its back, just below the collar – one in each of red, yellow and green – in honor of the Marley track. Arendoog fans soon realized during the 2-0 victory on Saturday that the birds were removed from the players’ kits.

Asked by the website Ajax Life For this reason, the club said: ‘The European Football Association [UEFA] consider it a different expression than the club logo, logo clothing sponsor or sleeve sponsor. Other expressions are not allowed. “

What’s Ajax’s connection to Bob Marley?

The outfit, which was released in August and which Ajax will wear this season mainly in European accessories, with the Eredivisie team in the group stage of the Champions League, was inspired by the fans association with the reggae classics, which started in August 2008 . .

After a friendly breakaway to Cardiff City, fans were asked to stay on the pitch after the match. Three Little Birds was one of the songs played by the stadium DJ, and it is quickly adopted by Ajax fans as a national anthem sung at every game.

The fan connection was officially made by the club this season with the kit design and was welcomed by the family of Bob Marley.

His daughter Cedella Marley said: “I’m uncomfortable that Ajax took Three Little Birds and made it their national anthem. Stories like these warm my heart and show how striking songs like Three Little Birds can be. Soccer was everything to me father and for use his words ‘football is freedom’.

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