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Andre Russell is the best finisher in the world: Ashton Turner

Australian middle order seizure Ashton Turner praised West Indian swashbuckler Andre Russell currently the best coach in world cricket.

Turner, who was part of the Australian team during their recent tour of the Caribbean, reveals that he had a conversation with Andre Russell where he asked him about the art of concluding matches.

Turner revealed that Russell told him that during his training sessions he tries to mimic game scenarios

‘I got some insights from Andre Russell on the back of the West Indies tour on how he can get over his game. “He is probably the best in the world at the moment with the finals, and he only plays T20 cricket,” said Ashton Turner.

‘So it’s interesting for me to choose the brains of these guys. He tries to repeat the situations he has in matches and challenges him as much as possible out of the match, ”he says.

Ashton Turner. (Credits: Twitter)

Ashton Turner, who played the role of coach for his BBL franchise, is determined to prepare himself for a similar role for the Australian team and win for their matches on a consistent basis.

‘It’s about being prepared for any situation, and it’s come up a few times in my training. “Especially in the Big Bash, my role has changed a bit over the last few years, and I’m dropping out,” said Ashton Turner.

‘My role is to be prepared to bat at the end and win the game for your team. It is about adapting and preparing for as many situations as possible, ”he added.

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