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“Another long way to go”: Salman Butt explains why the comparison of Virat Kohli-Babar Azam is unfair

Former Pakistan opener Salman Butt has his thoughts on the comparison between Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Pakistan captain Babar Azam. Kohli, who needs no introduction, is one of the best batsmen in contemporary cricket. At the moment he is the only player that averages more than 50 per format.

Similarly, Babar has built up his image as one of the most delightful batsmen to note in the present period. Due to his extreme consistency in all three formats, many former cricketers and experts of the game became his fan.

Salman said the two players should not be compared as Babar is still in the learning phase while Kohli has gained a great deal of experience. Salman reckoned that the comparison between the two is completely unfair because Kohli enjoys tremendous support from other players on the sidelines. In contrast, Babar is a lone fighter in the team.

“There is no comparison between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli. The Indian captain is very experienced, and Babar Azam is relatively new. The Pakistani skipper has performed well, but there is still a long way to go for him, ‘ says Salman on his Youtube channel.

‘But Babar Azam does not have the support around him, which could turn his performances into matches. However, Kohli has a complete framework. He has a group of outstanding players around him. “India can win, even if Kohli fails because there are others in the team who are able to win matches for them.” he added.

The cricketer analyst explained that Babar has only one support in the form of Mohammad Rizwan and the team is too dependent on the duo.

‘At the moment Babar Azam is young, he does not have as much experience and exposure as Kohli. Secondly, he is almost like a lone achiever in the team. He has the support of (Mohammad Rizwan), but the others only act occasionally. Babar Azam scores run, yet he has to face criticism, which is doubly in jeopardy. It is the machinery that must work; one man can not make a difference. It is a team match, after all, ” Salman added further.

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