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Arsenal fans announced by the Socios platform as the NFT industry continues to expand

The Gunners are one of the most important teams with digital offerings that will be released soon

Arsenal have reached an agreement to appear on the Socios.com platform through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the team and the company announced in an announcement on Monday.

This means that there will be a Gunner-specific digital collection that can be bought and sold via the market using crypto-currency. Real rewards are handed out through the platform to own enough tokens (like discounts on merchandise), but many people use it as a stock market to make such a profit through rising values.

Dozens of clubs have now been represented in Socios – and even more involved in the trend as they set off similar trading platforms – with Arsenal joining the national team in Portugal as the latest major organizations to sign up.

What was said?

“We are committed to finding new and innovative ways for all our fans, whether local or international, to get closer to the club,” said Arsenal commercial director Peter Silverstone.

Rapid rise of the NFT industry

Socios reveals financial figures in the announcement of the Arsenal agreement and says that the platform generated $ 150 million in revenue for sports teams in the first semester of 2021.

As a result, the company plans to grow its business operations as it fights to retain its place as a major player in the growing NFT industry. They will have a ‘big focus’ on the Premier League in particular to move forward.

“Socios.com has big expansion plans for 2021 and is targeting many more Fan Token launches around the world,” the company wrote in a statement. “Socios.com has several offices around the world and has already opened a new regional headquarters in Madrid, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. The company will open a new office in North America in the near future.”

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