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Arteta has not been consulted on ‘All or Nothing’ Arsenal documentary

The Gunners will follow Manchester City and Tottenham to appear in the Amazon show

Mikel Arteta was not consulted Arsenal’s decision to make a documentary on Amazon’s All or Nothing ‘this season.

The Gunners follow the actions of Manchester City and Tottenham in the program, which provides behind-the-scenes insight into the 2021-22 campaign for the club’s fans around the world.

And while Arteta believes it would be a good thing to open things up to fans, he admits he was not asked for his opinion on this when the club was in talks with Amazon about the project.

What was said?

Asked if he was given a choice over Arsenal in the show, Arteta said: ‘No. It is a decision the club makes, in the best possible interest of the football club.

“We have to help as much as possible.

‘I experienced it a few years ago when I was at Man City, and we’re going to help as much as possible so everyone can see what this club means and how things are done at the football club.

“[We will] be as transparent as possible to show the values, integrity, passions and where we are trying to drive this football club. Hopefully this is a perfect year to show it.

“We have to make it happen. It is up to us to try to produce the best piece so that everyone can feel part of what we do and our fans can be proud of what we do. ”

“We will not try to be someone else”

Arteta does not believe that something behind the scenes at Arsenal will change, just because the TV cameras are there.

“While they’re here, we’re going to try to be us,” he swore. “We will not try to be someone else.

“We will try to be ourselves and show what we do. That’s it. “

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