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Ashimeru: Anderlecht midfielder responds to Ghana bottlenecks and fears at Liverpool

The 23-year-old begins his international career, his recent club move and faces The Reds at Anfield

Anderlecht midfielder Majeed Ashimeru does not care that he is being ignored for Ghana’s national team.

As was the case during the tenure of former Black Stars coach James Kwasi Appiah, the 23-year-old’s fate did not change under CK Akonnor who took office in January last year.

After a call in 2018, the striker was in the international wilderness until last year, when he received a late invitation for rugby matches against Sudan in the qualifying Africa Cup. Since then, he has been overlooked in the last two picks.

“No, you can only feel disappointed or dejected if you do not know yourself. For me, I know myself and I know what I am capable of, so I never feel rejected or anything like that,” Ashimeru said. FMIG.

“The only thing I have to prove is that it will speak on my club side if it’s going really well with me.”

Last month, Ashimeru took an important step in his career when he signed a permanent contract with Anderlecht and left the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg.

He initially joined the Belgian outfit in a half-season deal in January.

“People watch a lot of the Belgian league. I would say there are so many talents coming from Belgium. Belgium is a good league for the young guys to go there to showcase and play our talents,” the 23 -year-old said. old.

‘I feel really comfortable because I was there for 6 months and I felt good, I felt at home. So I feel this is a really good step for me. ‘

Before leaving Anderlecht, however, the midfielder reached a personal milestone when he faced Liverpool in the 2019 Champions League.

‘It was like a dream for me to play against these top clubs. These are games where you feel like you’re getting there. It was a really good feeling, ‘he remarks.

‘My first Champions League game was against Liverpool at Anfield, and it was a proud moment for me because I grew up watching the Champions League and I wanted to know how it felt.

“If it’s Champions League night in Liverpool, it’s crazy. It was a mixed feeling, happy, scared. At Liverpool, their fans are very close to the pitch, so you can hear them, like really screaming, and you can not even feel. I was so happy and scared at the same time. But after a while I felt good. When I went to the field, I asked myself ‘is this the son of Maamobi Nima who plays in the Champions League? ‘

“It really is something we Zongo people are proud of.”

Ashimeru joined Ghana Premier League team Wafa in Salzburg in 2017.

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