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Aussie legend Shane Warne is smoking on rumors about Elizabeth Hurley

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has blown up Woman’s Day magazine following the publication of an article suggesting that he has renewed his relationship with former fiancée Elizabeth Hurley.

Warner took to Twitter to dispel his frustrations over the ‘manufactured’ stories

“My children and I have had to endure your lies and fabricated stories for 30 years – but not anymore,” he said.

‘You should not be allowed to just make things up. You are going to apologize to the Aust audience for your constant lies and my family, because it is an absolute disgrace – AGAIN!

‘And for the small minority out there who want to respond with clever comments – just think what it would be like if someone constantly invented stories about you and put them in the public domain for 30 years and the consequences it has on your mental health and your families ! ”

Warne is responding to an article published by the magazine entitled “Are Shane Warne and Liz Hurley back together? There may be some important clues.”

The first line of the article reads: “Shane Warne is open to remarrying and it looks like he’s already looking for his chosen lady — his runaway bride Liz Hurley in real life!”

Liz Hurley, Shane Warne (Source: Twitter)

Warne and Hurley dated from 2011 to 2013 and became engaged during that time. However, they broke up in 2012 after a trip to Sydney that Warne later described as an ‘absolute circus’ due to the presence of media staff.

“We could not go anywhere else because we would only get 30-40 people, photographers, news staff, everywhere we went,” Warne said in an interview last year.

“We had seven cars behind us and a helicopter over our heads just behind us, with red lights cutting off in front of us.”

“I’m quite sad that it’s over because I still care a lot for her and she’s a wonderful person.”

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