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Bangladesh upset as Cricket Australia’s COVID-19-related claims force Mushfiqur Rahim out of T20 series

Some members of the Bangladesh cricket team and officials claim they are unhappy due to Mushfiqur Rahim’s absence from the upcoming T20 series against Australia At home. Bangladesh and Australia close horns in Dhaka from 1 August to play five T20 matches, while both prepare for the T20 World Cup. A few players and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) have called the claims of Cricket Australia unfair.

The two cricket boards have agreed to include their respective bio-bubbles in Zimbabwe and the West Indies as part of the mandatory ten-day isolation in Dhaka before the series. However, Mushfiqur Rahim had to leave Harare because his parents tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the goalkeeper can not now enter the bubble in Dhaka. Although BCB gave Rahim the leave to take care of his parents, the veteran wanted to be available for the T20 series against Australia after missing the T20s against Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh Team (Image Credit: Twitter)

But once the agreement between BCB and CA on the bio-bubble arose, the board asked Rahim to stay, even for the Zimbabwe T20 series. The 34-year-old missed it when the quarantine was brought to the home from July 22 to 20. The group feels excited because Rahim was the exception, while the others were through four airports – four airports – Harare, Johannesburg, Doha and Dhaka, which had greater exposure to the virus.

A member of the team said it was an unfair game as all the players went through three airports; so it makes little sense to keep Mushfiqur Rahim out of the series. The cricketer justified this by saying that the star batsman had to leave due to a family problem and that he was not allowed to enter the bubble after 2-3 days.

‘It’s unfair what happened to Mushfiq. We came on a commercial flight through three airports, so I do not know if it makes sense to keep Mushfiq out of range. He’s back home from the middle of a tour for a family problem. It is therefore not right not to have him quarantined within two or three days. ” a member told as quoted by ESPN Cricinfo.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) fails to negotiate successfully with Cricket Australia:

Bangladesh upset as Cricket Australia's COVID-19-related claims force Mushfiqur Rahim out of T20 series
BCB President Nazmul Hasan. (Credits: Twitter)

An official from the Cricket Board in Bangladesh has revealed that the agreement does not allow anyone to enter from outside the bubble, and they must keep the series in it. The spokesperson understands that there are challenges; however, they have to adapt to the new formal and the selectors have selected the best players.

The agreement between CA and BCB says that there is no chance of allowing someone from outside into the bio-bubble. We have to keep the series going with only those in the bio-bubble. There will be challenges, but this is the new normal. I think the selectors chose the players that are best available during this scenario. There is no alternative but to take the best available options, ”he said. remarked the official.

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