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Barcelona aim to secure Messi’s new contract and register new signings after La Liga received € 2.7 billion loan injection

The league has had a massive injection of funds that will help clubs recover from the economic problems caused by the coronavirus

After battling economic problems due to the coronavirus, La Liga secured an incredible loan of € 2.7 billion (£ 2.3 billion / £ 3.2 billion) that Barcelona should pave the way for the new contract of Lionel Messi to finish.

CVC Capital Partners has provided the massive injection of funds and a 10 per cent stake in a newly created venture that will lead La Liga focuses on growing revenue.

Of the money invested, a majority percentage is distributed to clubs, with Barcelona and Real Madrid each € 280 million (£ 238 million / $ 331 million).

What will clubs receive?

Talk exclusively to Purpose, Marc Ciria, expert on football finance, said: “90% of the € 2.7 billion will be paid by the clubs in the form of a 40-year loan”.

In addition, Ciria says that “70% of it will be used for infrastructure investments, 15% to refinance debt and 15% to extend the salary cap.”

Ciria also believes that the new cash injection will be a blow to the remaining hope for a European Super League Real Madrid and Barcelona recently joined Juve to discuss their continued hopes for change in European football.

“[President Javier Tebas] He was intelligent and looked for ways to raise a significant economic income for big clubs. “They now have less incentive to start a European Super League,” said Ciria.

“This agreement is clearly related to a desire to inject money into the clubs to improve La Liga’s competitive balance and get closer to the Premier League.”

How does it help Barca?

Barcelona receives around € 280 million, of which around € 42 million (£ 36 million) to increase the salary cap.

With this injection the club can register the four signatures of the summer and finally confirms their new deal with Messi.

What about Real Madrid?

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will bring in similar figures with which they can strengthen their own team.

The club has been strongly linked with Kylian Mbappe for the past few months, and the injection of money could enable them to make a decision.

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