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“Barcelona is completely broken!” Hoeness claims Blaugrana will face trial if he is in Germany due to financial failures

The Bundesliga champions undertake to Camp Nou on Tuesday to meet one of La Liga’s true heavyweights in their Champions League openings.

The former president of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness, claimed that Barcelona would go bankrupt before a judge if it existed in Germany, and described the Catalan giants as ‘broken’.

The Bundesliga champions make the trip to Camp Nou this week to face one of La Liga’s true heavyweights in their Champions League opening match this week, while the latter struggle with life after Lionel Messi in the midst of financial failure. mismanage.

Before the match, Hoeness emphasized that he had little sympathy with the Spaniards, and recalled a conversation with current Real Madrid man David Alaba where he warned him against a Blaugrana move.

What was said?

“Barcelona is actually broken!”, The 69-year-old told the radio station Bayern 1. ‘If Barcelona were in Germany, it would be a matter for the bankruptcy judge. [They’re] no longer a role model for us.

For example, David Alaba once said to me: ‘My dream is still to play in Barcelona. “Then I said to him, ‘Do you want to negotiate with the president or with the insolvency administrator?’

“I’m also in favor of going to the extreme. At the moment the whole thing can not be refinanced, you have to say ‘No!’ and ‘Then I will not win the Champions League!’

Hoeness is afraid of Covid complications

The former president, who previously spent most of his career at Bayern as a forward in the World Cup, also acknowledged that the knockout effect of the Covid-19 pandemic had harmed the club’s money damage, and it could continue .

“Bayern was a model club in the world until the pandemic,” he added. ‘Almost no one understood the great success without economic success. The pandemic made it more difficult.

“Without an audience, we’ve lost millions of euros a year. It’s caused our fixed deposit account, which used to be really big, to melt away. It’s still there – but if it continues like this for a long time, it will be difficult at some point. “

The bigger picture

Bayern’s expert approach to their finances has certainly not hurt their prospects of maintaining a semi-permanent hold on the Bundesliga crown, although opposition managers have questioned their financial advantage, including Leipzig boss Jesse Marsch.

The new coach, Julian Nagelsmann, has meanwhile turned down suggestions that his team will undergo an easier test at Camp Nou simply because Messi is no longer at Ronald Koeman’s disposal.

The Bavarian giants will be hoping to come out on top with an opening victory as they try to regain their Champions League crown after Chelsea dethroned them last season.

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