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Barcelona still hopes for Coutinho, Umtiti & Pjanic’s sales in a € 200 million saving exercise

The giants of the League want to get big earners out of their books, while also reaching agreements to lower the salaries of other stars in the first team

Barcelona save € 200m (£ 170m / $ 235m) on Camp Nou, Purpose learned it, with the League giants still hoping to compete with big earners like Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Umtiti and Miralem Pjanic.

Joan Laporta released more information on the state of the club’s finances debt at the beginning of the year more than € 1 billion (£ 849 million / $ 1.18 billion).

This fight has already led to Lionel Messi running away from Catalunya , without a new contract with a six-time Ballon d’Or winner, and further efforts are being made to help stabilize the club.

What is the plan in Barcelona?

The board of directors of Barca has drawn up plans that will help shave off 200 million euros from a striking pay package, and football director Mateu Alemany has been tasked with getting the ball rolling.

Months of hard work behind the scenes has already been put in by Laporta and Co since they returned to the club and inherited the mess left by their predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Central to this new process is the delicate matter of balancing the books by negotiating salary cuts.

Laporta believes the proposal could be applied to the entire workforce at Camp Nou and said: ‘Our salaries represent 103 per cent of the club’s total revenue. That’s 20-25 percent more than our competitors.

“The first thing we had to do when we arrived was to ask for a loan of € 80 million, because otherwise we could not pay the salaries. The previous regime was full of lies.”

He further said, hoping that bonus agreements could be delayed or destroyed: ‘The idea is to restructure everything with the whole team.

“In 19-20, they already had a reduction due to Covid-19. Now they were asked for a second attempt and the first reaction was a surprise.”

Who agreed to the wage cuts?

Gerard Pique Barcelona

Messi was willing to lower his salary before it became clear that an agreement to keep him on Barca’s books would be impossible.

Since leaving for Paris Saint-Germain, Gerard Pique has set an example in the locker room and agreed to reduce his pay package – so that the summer signatures of Eric Garcia and Memphis Depay can be registered.

Laporta and Alemany hope the gesture will have a ‘knock-on effect’, while other prominent members of the group follow a similar path.

Pique suggested that would be the case, with fellow captains Sergio Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba expected to do their part for the benefit of a joint venture by agreeing to defer or waive various bonuses and contract terms.

Will sales be approved?

The easiest way to free up money and space is to take players out the door.

The rescue plan will still rely on cost cuts elsewhere, but downloading those at the edge of the first team will help speed up the whole process.

Three players remain at the top of Barça’s ‘for sale’ list, hoping to find suitors Coutinho , Umtiti and Pjanic.

The trio all got lucrative deals through Barca’s previous leadership system, and that’s hard to change.

However, the summer window remains open until 31 August, and it could be a late spate of activities, allowing the Blaugrana to drop some weight and make everyone feel a little more positive about the long-term outlook.

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