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BCCI strikes back at PCB and Herschelle Gibbs’ words on Kashmir League issue

BCCI and PCB are currently involved in a tiff over the Kashmir Premier League (KPL), which starts on 6 August. As the BCCI threatens to ban cricketers from engaging in cricket-related activities in India, Herschelle Gibbs has expressed his displeasure. But the Indian council has backtracked, saying they have the right to decide anything regarding their cricket ecosystem.

Herschelle Gibbs tackled his official Twitter handle, claiming that the BCCI brought their political agenda unnecessarily, which prevented him from playing in the league. The former opening match in South Africa reveals that he is threatened with not getting access to India for cricket-related work. PCB has also issued a statement saying the Indian council has violated international standards and spoiled the lord’s game.

Herschelle Gibbs. Beeld-Getty

A BCCI official claims that PCB looks confused as it is the same case that players from Pakistan are not allowed to play in the IPL. The spokesperson pointed out that they reserve the right to restrict any cricketer in this scenario as well to participate in cricket related activities in India as it is their internal matter.

‘PCBs appear confused. Only the way in which the decision not to allow players of Pakistani origin to participate in the IPL can be interpreted as interfering in the internal affairs of an ICC member, the decision, if any, to “Late or forbidding to participate in cricket in any way. India is merely an internal matter of the BCCI, ‘ claims the official according to ANI News.

They are welcome to raise the matter with the ICC: BCCI official

BCCI. Image PTI.

The representative further said that Pakistan could raise the issue with the ICC. However, he reckons that the government’s interference in their work has prompted the council to react the way they do.

‘They are welcome to raise the matter with the ICC, and one can understand where it is coming from, but the question they have to ask themselves is whether it is due to government interference in their work , as the Prime Minister of Pakistan is officially their patron under their own constitution. It is time to consider whether this issue should also be addressed by the ICC. ” he added.

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