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Berhalter: Young USMNT stars like Busio, Sands and Hoppe took their chance

The U.S. teamed up with a young team in Thursday’s win over Martinique, and the coach was impressed by the play of several new faces

Gregg Berhalter was impressed by several of the youngest stars of the American men’s national team after Thursday’s 6-1 game of Martinique.

Berhalter decided to start a young group against a Martinique team, with the starting XI being an average age of 23 years old and an average of five times per player.

The team, which featured many popular youngsters such as Gianluca Busio, James Sands, Miles Robinson, Matthew Hoppe and George Bello, impressed Berhalter as the American boss feels confident that his young players are ready for the bigger Tests to come.

What did Berhalter say?

“It’s a nice feeling when you give guys opportunities and they take advantage of it,” Berhalter said. He congratulated debutants Matthew Hoppe and Donovan Pines on the first tournament.

“But if I look at them and look at other younger guys like Busio, Bello, Sands, Robinson, it was a very young group today and to have that performance in a game you know we wanted to win and we wanted to improve. and we wanted to win convincingly, I think that shows what kind of quality they have. ‘

He added: ‘I think [Busio] does a great job with James Sands and George Bello. These are guys who really impressed me in camp, some of the younger guys. ‘

Hoppe: I wanted to show the world that I can do it

One of several young standouts, Hoppe shone in his first USMNT appearance and helped Dary Dike’s goal for the opening of the game.

Hoppe played him in the USMNT picture after shining on Schalke last season and scoring six goals in the Bundesliga.

And with his first cap under control, the 20-year-old forward hopes to prove to his coach and his country that he deserves more.

“I wanted to make my debut with the national team. I wanted to show the country and the world what I can do internationally,” Hoppe said. He is one of only four players in Europe missing parts of the club’s pre-season to join the Gold Cup squad.

‘That’s why I decided it’s best for me to stay with the national team now. We’ve been together for a little over a week and we’re getting closer. We formed a good bond. and I think it’s going to be a special team that we’ll see throughout the tournament. ‘

Berhalter, meanwhile, was impressed and added: ‘I think he did an excellent job, and for Matthew we made him play as a winger, and today he played as an attacking agent and sometimes in the pocket, sometimes lagged behind as they go high.

“It’s not easy to take in all the information and perform as well as he did. He also showed quality. The pace he gave Daryl is a high level pace. I think he “he did well, and we also keep in mind that he is in the preseason and has not yet played a competitive game, training at home, and that is the output you get. Overall satisfied with his performance.”

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