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Bianca Belair revives ‘whirlwind of emotions’ after WWE WrestleMania 37’s title win in the historic main event

To conclude Night 1 of WrestleMania 37 this past weekend, Bianca Belair made her WrestleMania debut – and immediately found herself at the center of an everyday moment during the legendary event. Belair managed to survive Sasha Banks in the main event and win the SmackDown Women’s Championship in an exciting match in which the entire WWE universe was buzzing.

The CBS sport Sunday afternoon has not yet fully tuned in for the new champion.

“It’s still hitting me. I’m still trying to turn my mind to it,” Belair said. “It was a whirlwind of emotions, even since we found out. It was announced that I would be the main event on my birthday, and it was as if I was trying to fold my mind about it. But before I could, we stood It was why I was so emotional.It was then that it hit me that we were the main event, when I stood there across from Sasha Banks.When my hand was raised as SmackDown women’s champion, it hit me when I heard the fans and when I joined “My family and my husband celebrated, but I’m still trying to turn my mind to it. I keep saying it feels like a dream. It still feels so unreal, but I know it’s so real.”

The night after the event, Belair said she spent time with the family, including her husband and fellow WWE superstar Montez Ford. After the small celebration ended, however, Belair was not sure what to do as a new champion and WrestleMania chief defender – a feeling after the event that only a small handful of artists in WWE history knew.

“My family came back to the hotel and I just wanted to spend time with them,” Belair said. “After they left, I did not really sleep last night. I was like ‘WrestleMania’. I just made history in my debut at WrestleMania. I won the title. Am I supposed to go to sleep? I eat food? I do not know what to do now. “I did not know what to do with myself, and just lay in bed a little and try to understand what happened.”

The match between Belair and Banks received great praise for the product in the skin. But no matter how important it was, the performance shown before the clock spoke even higher volumes. For the first time in history, there were two women of color who had a WWE pay-per-view event, and with an important title at stake. Of course, the importance of this has not been lost on Belair.

“I was very pleased with the performance,” Belair said. “I have not looked at it yet, because I am very critical of myself. I just want to live in the moment and be happy, because I know I’m going to criticize myself and say if I look back.” You had to do it “You should have done it.” Even though I won, I’m still going to critique. I loved the game and my thing was that I understood how big the moment was and how big an opportunity it was. I understood that this moment is more than just about us. We represented for women, we for women of color, I just wanted to satisfy and satisfy until the moment.

“WrestleMania in itself is already a big deal. If you’re in WWE and ask someone what your goals are, you say you want to go to WrestleMania. The biggest goal is to have a major event at WrestleMania. WrestleMania itself is already. a unique event., and there is already pressure to meet the expectations of being at WrestleMania To be able to create history at WrestleMania – to be able to create a history and major event at WrestleMania? I do not think there is anything bigger if not.There was pressure and it was a big deal for us.I always say that representation is not a request, it is a requirement.I think WWE is a great example of how women and women of color “in the world and in the world of sports. They always put us on a platform where we can show up and show ourselves.”

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