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Big players do not go through infertile spells for too long

Again an Indian captain, Virat Kohli failed to turn his start into a three-figure score as he was sacked in the second innings at the Oval for 44 after scoring a fifty in the first innings . The world is waiting for the In the skipper to achieve his 71st international century – one that has eluded him since November 2019.

But he was not out of shape or touching; the 32-year-old started consistently, going past the 30s, 40s and 50s, but hung before the 100-run. In fact, since the beginning of last year, he has entered 16 half-centuries across formats, but has not been able to convert them into a century.

Virat Kohli. Image Credits: Twitter

Steve Harmison, the former England pacer, pointed out that Joe Root had a similar problem a few years ago. But now the English captain bumps big runs as soon as he finds his mojo. Harmison reckons Virat Kohli will soon be back in his famous groove.

‘The only thing I’ll say on Virat is that Joe Root was in exactly the same place two years ago – he was between 50 and 80 and found a way to get out. Everyone asked: Is it great to get the century? Is not its conversion rate large? This year he has 7 hundred (6) and 1 fifty, ‘Harmison told ESPNcricinfo.

‘Big players do not go through barren times for too long. Once he gets his century, I think there will be three out of four in a very quick succession. ”

Virat Kohli must understand that he has to bat longer: VVS Laxman

VVS Laxman believes that the English bowlers kept Virat Kohli bound by bowling mostly in the channel of the outside stump, and outside, while they rarely slipped away from their plans. This made Kohli, Laxman believes, less patient, so he bumped outside the stump.

The 46-year-old advises the Indian captain to be more patient and bat longer if he has to reach the elusive beacon.

plumbing laksman
VVS Laxman. (Photo: Twitter)

“[For] Someone like Virat – and I saw it with the greats I played with – there will be a spot in your career when your score would not be as fast as most of the times you would expect from a quality player not, ‘Laxman said.

‘At the moment they have [England bowlers] plays with the patient of Virat Kohli, and it’s not about the number of runs he gets. What he probably needs to understand is that he has to bat for longer periods to reach the milestone; as soon as he gets there, tons automatically start flowing much faster, he will probably get many more hundreds, as in the past.

“I think he goes through the time when he has to be a lot more patient compared to when he was at his best, when hundreds after hundreds flowed out of his bat.”

Meanwhile, India set a goal of 368 runs at The Oval England, with just under 4 sessions left in the match.

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