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Bryson DeChambeau, caddy taking a breather in front of Rocket Mortgage Classic

DETROIT – Bryson DeChambeau and caddy Tim Tucker are taking a breather, DeChambeau told Michael Collins, ESPN, on Thursday.

DeChambeau plays in the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, and Tucker was on the bag for DeChambeau earlier this week. DeChambeau told Collins that Tucker did not stop directly, but the two are going to take a while apart.

He did not specify how long the interruption would be, but Ben Schomin will record the rest of the tournament in Detroit for DeChambeau.

Tucker and DeChambeau had already caused this situation to happen when Tucker quit in 2017, although the two reunited in 2018.

Brooks Koepka, who had a rivalry with DeChambeau, did not let Thursday’s news pass without comment. Koepka tweet an exclamation to his caddy, Ricky Elliott, writes, “Couldn’t do it without my old Rick!”

DeChambeau is the one returning champion at the Rocket Mortgage Classic and has yet to start his first round this week.

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